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The Galileo Jupiter Orbiter Mission Home Page, mission completed September 2003.

The Cassini Saturn Orbiter Mission, in which I participated.
Successful orbit insertion on 1 July, 2004! We're there!

Latest images here from the mission!

A flawless launch at 4:43am EDT on 15 October 1997.

The Mars Pathfinder - Lander and Rover Mission , in which I participated.

That's right, folks! Vintage Volkswagen Buses!
(especially mine --->)

Links to sites serving up information on Vintage Bus clubs, pictures and maintenance:
Thom Fitzpatrick's excellent site

The TYPE2 Home Page
Home of the Type2 mailing list and archives.

Large Format desert photography

Colorful images from a unique and beautiful location in the southwest.

Gallery entry

CJ and friends exposed to film!

Pictures of myself and friends taken by aliens from other timezones!

my Bookmarks

Work bookmarks

Large Format Desert Photo Gallery

"Slip Inside This House"

something to hang with…

8 months of backpacking in Asia

about my 67 VW bus

Assorted Items

my DIY audiophile headphone amp

a sign of the times

the Anapanasati Sutta

a timeline of the counterculture:
  A Trillion Dollars  

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