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The following are some selected images taken in a desert area in the southwest United States. Click on the small images to bring up a larger image. Use your browser's BACK buttom to return to this page. Scroll down for all images.

A view down a wash. This shot has become my favorite over the years.

Fluted edges lit by sunrise highlight the glowing reds
of this pair of ledges.

A detail shot of an inset on a rock wall.

A sweeping view of a river of color in a fragile and unique setting.

Another composition taken in the same area.

A detail shot of a rock well-hidden among the folds.

An incredible view of an area which is a favorite spot of mine
through the years for colorful detail shots.

This unique and beautiful rock, in a large natural alcove.

A detail shot of a naturally-occurring rock painting.

Another detail shot of a natural rock painting, unique to this area.

A section of a naturally carved wall, where erosion forces have selectively removed the rust-brown outer layer of rock to reveal a subtly colored white layer striped with rose and violet tones. Also visible are several 'pyramid' shapes in the white layer.

These 'disks' of concentrically exposed layers of colorful sandstone have been a favorite subject for my photographic study of this area for over two decades.

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