Hello! This is my copy of a work done many years ago on the early internet days by mareev (at) well (dot) com.
I've had it posted here for many years as well, as I believe that certain themes carry on throughout history, and
documents such as this one should be studied carefully in order to bear witness to, and realize the extent to which
these themes continue into the present day, and how they have influenced and created the world conditions in
which we presently find ourselves.

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A Work-In-Progress
Copyright 1993
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1975-1990 Counterculture Timeline

1975	June 7	Tom Hayden fails to defeat Calif. Sen. John Tunney
		in the Democratic primary, but gets 36.7% of the vote
	June 26	Shoot out on Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation, 
		South Dakota between xxx
		(Leonard Peltier later blamed & indicted,
		as described in In The Spirit of Crazy Horse)
75	Aug 11	Last Amer soldier leaves Vietnam 
		(total American casualties: 46,079)
		(Almanac sez 57,939 killed or missing)
		total Vietnamese casualties  ??
	Aug 23	Pathet Lao celebrate complete takeover of Laos
	Aug 27	Kent State President & 27 National Guard 
		acquitted of all responsibility for shootings
	Sept 5	Lynette `Squeaky' Fromme fires at Carter (Sacto)
75	Sept 9	New York City emergency plan to stave off default for three months
	Sept 18	Patty Hearst found by FBI In SF & caught
	Sept 22	Sara Jane Moore fires at Carter (SF)
	Oct 1	OPEC raises oil prices another 10%,
		but agrees to hold that price for 9 months
75	Oct	Bruce Springsteen on cover of Time & Newsweek
	Nov 10	French leave Angola
	Nov 17	Cleaver arrested on return to US after 7 years
		living in Cuba, Guinea, Algeria, N. Korea, Fr
		(for Apr 68 Oakland shootout)
	Nov 20	Franco dies, dictator of Spain 36 years
	Dec 11	High-ranking govt official announces US has sent
		$25 million in arms & support to Angola
		over the past 3 months
	Dec 19	US Senate bars further covert aid to Angola

		*Joni Mitchell: Hissing of Summer Lawns
		Bob Marley and the Wailers: Natty Dread
		Dylan: Basement Tapes released
		Patti Smith: Horses  +?
		*Sons of Champlin
		*Germany: Kraftwerk
		*Fleetwood Mac reformed with Buckingham & Nicks
		NYC: First Punk bands 
		     (The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television)
		Ireland: six traditional musicians meet in Dublin 
		     & form The Bothy Band, start of many revival groups
		what year? ?   John Prine

		TV: Saturday Night Live (yes) (starts)
		One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Nicholson)
		Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (also seen as 74) 
		Rocky Horror Show
		The Wiz (black musical)

		Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth 
		     in America - Suzanne Arms
		Birth Without Violence: Frederick Leboyer (the book & the movie)
		The Woman Warrior: Maxine Hong Kingston
		Small Is Beautiful (I have this as 73)
		Ernest Callenbach: Ecotopia
		Fritzof Capra: The Tao of Physics
		?Briarpatch Network
		The Book of Tofu - Shurtleff & Aoyagi
		The Postage Stamp Garden Book - Duane Newcomb
		Edward Abbey: The Monkey Wrench Gang
		First article on effect of carbon dioxide on global warming
		(Greenhouse Effect) (Science magazine 
		     & Journal of Atmospheric Sciences)
		Philip Agee: Inside the Company (was this the first CIA expose?)
		Shogun - James Clavell (the book?)
		Transcendental Meditation

1976		(Dollar strengthens on foreign exchange 76-77)
		("Economic recovery")
		Highest rate of bank failures since 1933 (385 in trouble)
76		Ford's "Whip Inflation Now" buttons
		(U.S. Balance of Payments starts to go into red)
		Lowest birth rate of the Baby Bust
		Oldest baby boomers start turning 30
		Bicentennial celebrations
	when?	kick-off : 30,000 demonstrators
		First US/USSR grain sales treaty (minimum purchases)
		South African invasion of Angola (Almanac has this as 81)
		Cuba sends troops to Angola
		James Buckley running for president
		Cocaine becomes noticeably fashionable
76		Apple Computer started in Steve Jobs' basement in Mtn View
		Congressional Black Caucus founded
		Who's Deep Throat?
		CB craze
		Born again
		Personal ads
		("Peter Berg popularizes the term "bioregionalism" ")?ck CQ date
		Tom Hayden establishes Campaign for Economic Democracy
		Production of PCBs banned
		U.S. 200th birthday celebrations

	Feb 4	Earthquake in Guatemala -> Plenty
	Feb	Leonard Peltier arrested in Canada & trial
	Feb 12	MPLA ("Soviet" Popular Movement for Liberation of Angola)
		states that it has won the Angolan Civil War;
		Unita (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola,
		Jonas Savimbi, President - supported by U.S.)
		forms? coalition with FLNA (Natl Frt for the Lib of Angola)
	Feb 19	Four recruits die at Fort Dix of a new flu virus
		which is a hybrid of Asian flu with one that causes
		flu-like illness in pigs ("swine flu").
		Worries about an epidemic similar to the 1918-19
		swine flu epidemic which affected 500,000 Americans.
		Big vaccination campaign started.
	Mar 11	Stock Market tops 1,000 (highest since Jan 26, 73)
	Mar 18	New trial ordered for Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
		& John Artis (for 67 triple murder N.J.)
		?When was Dylan's song?
	Mar 28	FBI discloses it burglarized the Socialist Party
		92+ times between 1960 and 1966
	Apr 5	Howard Hughes dies
		& Beijing demos against the Gang of Four
	Apr 9	Phil Ochs hangs himself at his sister's house, 
		Far Rockaway, NY
76	Apr 25	Portugal's first free parliamentary elections in
		50 years - Socialists & Popular Democrats share win
	May 28	OPEC extends oil price freeze
	June 5	Teton dam bursts, Idaho
	June 16	US ambassador killed in Lebanon "civil war"
	June 16	Uprising in Soweto, South Africa's biggest black
		"township": 10,000 students demo
		(asking to be taught in English instead of Afrikaans?)
		Spreads to 7 other black townships
		128 dead; 1,112 injured
		By year's end, some thousands have died in demos
		throughout the country
	July?	Is this the first month of the trade deficit
	July	29 Legionnaires die at Philadelphia convention of
		strange new disease
	July 20	Viking I lands on Mars
	Sept 30	Congress passes Hyde amendment, which would
		prevent Medicaid reimbursements for abortions
	Oct 4	Agric Sec Earl Butz's resigns due to racist remark
	Oct 12	Three elderly deaths halt swine flu vac program
76	Oct	Amory Lovins: Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken
		(in Foreign Affairs)   he was 28       explain!
		(Democrats running for Pres: Henry Jackson,
		Lloyd? Bentsen, George Wallace)
		Wavy Gravy's Nobody for President campaign
	Oct 22	Fed Dist Ct holds Hyde Amenment unconstitutional
76	Nov	Carter/Mondale defeats Ford
		Is this when Bill Clinton elected to first of
		three terms in Arkansas?
	Nov 15	Parti Quebecois gain control of Quebec govt
	Tksg	The Band: Last Waltz at Winterland (Graham) (movie 78)
76	Dec 17	OPEC agrees on two oil price raises: Saudi Arabia 5% raise,
		other 11 OPEC nations 10% raise
	Dec 20	Mayor Richard Daley, ruler of Chicago for 20 years, dies
		-> first black non-Daley major (name)  when?
	Dec 22	Worst oil spill off US coast - Liberian tanker off Nantucket

		Bob Dylan: Desire
		McCartney: Wings over America tour
		*Joni Mitchell: Hejira
		*Warren Zevon
		*Bunny Wailer: first solo
		John Denver: Rocky Mountain High
		Peter Frampton
		The Captain and Tennille
76		*Sex Pistols (UK) - first Punk  (late 76)   ENGLAND
		June - play in Manchester

		TV: Charlie's Angels begins 
		Happy Days & Laverne and Shirley, 
		Little Hse on the Prairie, The Waltons (Note: all nostalgia)

		Sat Night Fever (released)
		(A Chorus Line)
		Rocky, Taxi Driver
		All the President's Men
		Three Days of the Condor
		The Marathon Man (w Dustin Hoffman)
		Werner Herzog's movies reviewed in Rolling Stone
		Wim Wenders: Kings of the Road

		Laurel's Kitchen
76		Roots (the book)
		The Guide to Self-Sufficiency - John Seymour (U.K.)
		The Solar Home Book - Anderson & Riordan
		The Woodburner's Encyclopedia - Shelton & Shapiro
		A Co-operative Method of Natural Birth Control-Margaret Nofziger
		(The Joy of Running - Kostubala)
		Passages - Gail Sheehy
		When God Was a Woman - Merlin Stone
		Mother Jones starts publication
		In These Times starts publication
		Rolling Stones Magazine write-in on the Sixties

1977		Dollar plummets (to 270 yen at the end of 77)
		Alaskan pipeline completed (when started?)
		Trans Dept announces seat belts required by 84
		Carter ?renews draft evader amnesty
		Carter declares energy conservation the "moral equiv of war"
		Urban Development Action Grant: public redevelopment investment 
		must be matched with private investment
		?burn out phenomenon noticed
		(goat cheese, Brooke Shields)
		worst weather extremes of the 20th century:
		North, East, South cold; West in last worst year of drought
		?Elvis dies
		July: unemployment in U.K. 1 million (get # for 76)

	Jan	explain Carter austerity, human rights campaign
	when?	Carter recommends abandonment of 18 porkbarrel dam projects
	J 23-30	Roots on tv, watched by 36 million
	Jan 27	Vatican bars women from priesthood
	Mar 	Carter ends travel restrictions to Cuba, Vietnam,
		North Korea, Cambodia, and lifts ban on spending
		US dollars in Cuba
	Mar 11	United?? Farmworkers & Teamsters sign agreement, Calif
		(after 10 years of discord)
	Mar	Greens get first media attention in Fr with 12% win
	Apr 11	Parents of 5 "Moonies" denied custody
	Apr 18	Carter presents Energy Plan
77	Apr 22	UK: North Sea oil spill
	May	Unemployment down to 7% - lowest in 29 months
	May 1-2	1,414 arrested as Clamshell Alliance occupies construction
		site of nuclear power plant at Seabrook, New Hampshire
	May 13	La Pasionaria returns to Madrid, 34 days after the
		Communist Party is legalized in Spain
	May 13	500 demonstrators arrested at Seabrook demo found
		guilty of trespass
	Jun 7	Dade County, Florida vote repeals anti-gay ordinance
		(singer Anita Bryant is active in campaign against repeal)
	June 17	EPA approves Seabrook
	June 26	Marches throughout US in support of gays
		100,000 San Francisco, tens of thousands in NY
	July	Record US trade deficit (13th consecutive monthly deficit)
		26% rise in oil imports is said to be major factor
	J 13-14	NYC black out
	Aug 10	Son of Sam captured after 6 murders, 7 wounded
	Sept 12	Stephen Biko dies in prison, South Africa
	Sept 20	Vietnam finally admitted to UN
	Oct	US trade deficit 3.1 bill (first time over 3 bill in history)
	Oct 12	Univ of Calif vs Bakke (trial starts - filed Sept 19) explain
77	Nov 4	United Nations votes South African arms embargo
	Nov 5	Carter vetoes Tennessee Clinch River Breeder Reactor
	Nov 18	KKK members convicted of 1963 bombing of Birmingham
		church in which four young black girls were killed
	(Nov 19	Egypt Pres? Sadat visits Israel)
	(Dec 7	FBI finally releases JFK assas files due to
		requests under Freedom of Information Act
	Dec 10	First 61 of 300 Americans held in Mexican prisons on
		drug charges released in prisoner exchange
	(Dec 14	Farmers strike announced)

		*Elvis Costello
		*Patti Smith: first album
		*Peter Tosh: first solo
		*Talking Heads
77		*Clash      and the first Big Year of Punk
77		*Lynyrd Skynyrd killed in plane crash
		Fake Beatles put together
		Rocky Horror Show starts at U.C.

		Annie Hall
		Close Enctrs of the Third Kind, Star Wars
		The Turning Point (MacLaine, Bancroft)
		Julie (Redgrave, Fonda)
		(Goodbye Girl)
		(Sat. Night Fever continues) (becomes hit)
		Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000: Alain Tanner
		?Man of Marble - Andrzej Wajda

		The Women's Room - Marilyn French
		Games Mother Never Taught You (Corporate Gamesmanship
		for Women) - Harragan
		For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the
		Rainbow Is Enuf: Ntozake Shange
77		Amory Lovins: Soft Energy Paths
		Food First (the book)
		Rainbook (Resources for Appropriate Technology)
		Goodbye to the Flush Toilet - Stoner (Rodale)
77		A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander
		David Werner: Where There is No Doctor
		The Moosewood Cookbook - Mollie Katzen

1978		"Dollar crisis" - dollar devalued 20% in foreign exchange
		(the year I was in Europe)
		Engineering recession
		Coors boycott starts after 20-month strike is broken
		Birth Control pill side effects
		Free Base (cocaine derivative)
		Sirius Community founded, Amherst, MA
		Boat people
		Dennis Banks granted asylum from extradition 
		to South Dakota by Jerry Brown
		(Half a million letters to Governor Brown urge sanctuary)
		Amer Ind Religious Freedom Act: right to use peyote as a
		religious sacrament in Native American Church meetings
		by Native Americans
		78-79 Santa Monica rent control campaign
		(when was Tom Hayden elected?)
		Holocaust on tv

	when?	ERA Wash D.C. march
	Jan	Trade deficit jumps to 26.7 bill (eek! is this right)
		(could this be 2.67?)   - 4x the 1976 deficit
		due to oil import increase (76-34 bill; 79-44.3 bill)
78	Feb 11	AIM Longest Walk starts from Alcatraz
		Lois Gibbs brings U.S. to awareness of Love Canal
		(near Niagara Falls, NY) (& residents evacuated this year)
	Mar 5	China adopts new constitution stressing economic
		development over revolutionary ideology
	Mar	Japan, Germany try to prop up the dollar
	Mar 17	Worst oil spill off Brittany - supertanker Amoco Cadiz
		breaks in two: 223,000 tons
	Apr 7	Carter defers production of neutron bomb
	May 21	4,300 rally at Bangor Naval Base, Wash 
		to protest U.S.  Trident
	May 27	40 meditators attend U.N. Disarmament Session's
		Mobilization for Survival (convened May 23)
	June	Trade deficit 2.24 bill, smallest since Sept 77
		but 24th consecutive month
78	June 6	Prop 13 passed - Calif (give name & explain)
	June 15	Supreme Court rules TVA may not complete Tellico Dam
		(based on the endangered Snail Darter)
	June 28	Supreme Court upholds affirmative action programs in general,
		but orders Alan Bakke admitted to UC Davis Medical College
	July 17	AIM Longest Walk arrives Washington, D.C.
	July 25	First test tube baby born (U.K.)
	Aug 15	ERA deadline extended by Congress to June 30, 82
	Aug 22	Sandanistas capture of Nic Natl Palace starts revolution
	Sept	Taz (Die Tageszeitung) starts publication in Germany
	(S 5-17	Carter Camp David Sadat/Begin summit -> Accords)
	Oct 13	Sid Vicious (former Sex Pistol bandmember) kills girlfriend
	Oct 15	Carter Energy Package
	Oct 15	Congress deregulates airlines 
	Oct 20	End of worst week in Stock Market's history
		drops 59.08  to 838.01
	O 25-30	Record dollar lows - Dollar drops to 178 yen end Oct
		Meanwhile, gold at record high of 245/ounce
	Oct 31	Stock Market drops to 792.45, lowest since Apr 13
	Nov 18	Jim Jones' Peoples Temple mass suicide, Jonestown, Guyana - 911
	Dec	Communist China opens door to capitalist innovations
	Dec 16	Cleveland defaults
78	Dec 17	OPEC raises oil prices 14.5% (12.70 -> 14.54/barrel)
	Dec 31	Graham's Winterland's last concert 
		(Grateful Dead & Blues Bros.)

		Stayin' Alive - BeeGees
78		*second Big Year of Punk
		*Joni Mitchell: Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
		?Warren Zevon second album?

		Coming Home
		Deer Hunter
		Blue Collar
		Grease  (the movie)
		Woody Allen: Annie Hall  and  Interiors
		An Unmarried Woman
		The Buddy Holly Story
		Dylan's Renaldo and Clara movie
		Kristofferson all over the media
		(Animal House)

78		Muddling Toward Frugality - Warren Johnson
		The Unsettling of America - Wendell Berry
		One Straw Revolution - Masanobu Fukuoka
		Spiritual Midwifery - Ina May Gaskin
		The Vegetarian Epicure, Book II - Anna Thomas
		The Briarpatch Book
		Reinhabiting a Separate Country: A Bioregional
		Anthology of North America - Peter Berg (Planet Drum)
		The Incredible Secret Money Machine - Don Lancaster
		The Pregnancy After 30 Workbook - Brewer (Rodale)
		Gyn/Ecology - Mary Daly
		Linus Pauling: Vitamin C, the Common Cold, and the Flu
		In Search of Enemies (A CIA Story) - John Stockwell
		"Garry Trudeau" (?syndicates Doonesbury)
		Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
		radio show starts in U.K.
		?Immanuel Velikovsky: Worlds in Collision

1979		U.S. Stagflation of 78-80 starts, dollar starts decline of 78-80
		12% inflation due to massive energy cost increases
		Housing prices start to rise
		Gold price goes to record high of 400/ounce
		(Steel lay-offs)
		(Volcker appointed to head Federal Reserve Board)
		?U.S. reaches Zero Population Growth?
		None of military services meets its recruiting quota
		Dictators overthrown: Masie of Equatorial Guina,
		Bokassa of the Central African "Empire"
		Oil spill in the Atlantic 
	when?	No-nukes D.C. march
	when?	Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) signed
		(U.S. Senate never ratifies)
		?Dave Foreman founds Earth First!
		Grameen Bank for micro business loans started in India
79		Over 1000 Shramadama work camps in Sri Lanka
		KSAN progressive radio staff quits for good
		78-79: Santa Monica rent control campaign

	Jan 7	Pol Pot is overthrown in Cambodia
79	Jan 16	Shah of Iran deposed   (when?  hostages taken)
	Feb 1	Ayatollah Khomeini in -> oil shortages
	(Feb 5	Farmers demonstrate, Wash D.C.)
	Mar 26	Israel/Egypt peace treaty signed
79	Mar 27	OPEC raises oil prices 9% to 14.546/barrel (?see Dec 17, 78)
		taking advantage of the drop in Iran oil production
	Mar 28	Three Mile Island (near Middletown, Pa.) nuclear
	A 1-10	Teamsters strike
	(A 4	Bhutto killed, Pakistan)
	Apr 11	Idi Amin of Uganda is overthrown
	Apr 12	GATT signed (talks started 73)
	Apr 18	Lee Marvin's ex-live-in partner wins "Palimony"
		(based on 76 Sup Ct ruling)
79	May 4	Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister of Britain
	May 6	65,000+ Wash anti-nuke
	May 8	California starts odd-even license gas distribution
79	May?	 OPEC raises oil prices again (2 1/2 x)
		(?ca 8 dollars/barrel to 20 dollars/barrel??)
		-> dollar/gallon gas
		(-> inflation (13%) + unemployment 79-80)
79	June 3	Mexico's worst oil well blowout, 3.1 billion barrels
		Bay of Campeche, near the Yucatan Peninsula,
		twice as big as the 78 Brittany (Amoco Cadiz) spill
		starts (finally capped Mar 24, 80)
	Jun 7	Carter approves development of the MX missile
	Jun 20	NY, Conn, NJ start odd-even license gas distribution
	Jun 28	OPEC announces oil price rise 24% to 18/barrel
	July 5	ACLU sues FBI over 65 murder of civil rights worker
		Viola Liuzzo by KKK
	July 17	Nicaragua: last Somoza of 46-year dynasty flees to Miami
		Sandanistas take power
	July 18	Gold price passes 300/ounce
	Sept 29	200,000 anti-nuke lower Manhattan
		+ ca 11 other demos around US
	Oct	1045 anti-nuke arrested in frt of NY Stock Exchange
	Oct 7	2,500 anti-nuke demonstrators attempt to occupy 2 nuclear 
		plants under construction Seabrook
	Oct	Federal Reserve System decides to allow more fluctuation
		in interest rates
	Oct 15	El Salvador President Romero is deposed by a military coup
		(Feb 81 - US admits to having sent 18 advisors to help
		the military junta. El Salv leftists claim 100 US advisors.)
	Oct 17	Mother T?eresa awarded Nobel Peace Prize
	Nov 3	KKK kill 5, wound 8 anti-Klan demos in march Greensboro, NC
	Nov 4	Iranians seize Amer Embassy, Tehran, take 90 hostages
		(65 Americans)
	Nov	US Steel closes 15 plants: 13,000 out of work
	Nov 24	US General Accounting Office admits that thousands of US
		troops were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War
	Dec 5	Gold is selling for less than 136.49/ounce
	D 25-26	USSR invades Afghanistan
	Dec	US gov persuades NATO to accept stationing of additional
		464 Cruise & 108 Pershing II missiles in Europe
		(in addition to 5000+ already there)
79	Dec	U.S. bail-out of Chrysler starts, UAW accepts pay cuts 

		Dylan: Slow Train Coming ("Dylan finds Jesus")
		*Joni Mitchell: Mingus

		The China Syndrome (Fonda)(just before Three Mile Isld - Mar 79)
		Hair (the movie)
		Apocalypse Now (Coppola)
		Being There
		Kramer vs Kramer
		Woody Allen: Manhattan
		La Cage Aux Folles
		Breaking Away
		Picnic at Hanging Rock
		The Last Wave
		(Rocky II) (Star Trek - the movie)
		(The Electric Horseman) (Redford, Fonda)
		(TV: Mork and Mindy)

		Tom Wolfe: The Right Stuff
		James Lovelock Gaia hypothesis published as book
		The Integral Urban House Book - Farallones Institute
		Underground Houses - Roy
		Godel, Escher, Bach
		The Dancing Wu Li Masters (An Overview of the New Physics) - 
		Gary Zukaw
		(A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams)

1980		U.S. Industrial output lowest in 5 years
		Unemployment soaring
		Housing prices skyrocket (I say)
		Govt tight money anti-inflation policy
		Japanese cars & semiconductors? jump in sales to U.S.
		(Japanese investment in U.S. starts to grow ($1.2 bill in 80)
		Banks deregulated
		Abscam scandel (into Jan 81 - Apr 81 convictions)
		Pay raise for armed service recruits -> turnaround
		U.K.: Planning Act shifts powers from counties to districts
80		Guardian Angels founded
		First Right Livelihood Awards from Sweden
		Rev Jerry Falwell claims Moral Majority has registered 4 mill
		36-yr Sup Court Justice Wm O Douglas dies
		(MCI wins settlement from AT&T)
		(Color Me Beautiful - Carole Jackson)
		(The Official Preppie Handbook)
		USSR invades Afghanistan, US boycotts Moscow Olympics
		Jerry Brown running for Pres (second time)
		Biotech breakthroughs
		Castro allows Cubans to leave
		Audubon Society & U.S. Fish & Wildlife begin
		California Condor Recovery Program
		Supreme Court rules that organisms created by genetic
		enginnering can be patented (sez EWJ)

	Jan	Myles Horton, founder of Highlander, dies
	Jan 2	Gold price rise starts: 562.85/ounce
80	Jan 4	Carter announces USSR grain sales embargo
		(in the wake of USSR Afghanistan invasion)
	Jan	Carter proposes peacetime m/f draft
	Jan 15	Gold price rises to 700/ounce
	Jan 16	Interferon made by gene-splicing
	J 14-18	gold goes up ?$176 to $835/ounce
80	Feb	global oil glut -> price starts to lower
	Mar 27	Silver plummets to 10.80/ounce,
		destroying Hunt brothers silver empire
		which they started building in summer 79
	Apr 2	Carter signs the Windfall Profits Oil Tax
	Apr 17	Zimbabwe, once Rhodesia, gains independence from U.K.
	Apr 17	Recession begins
	May 4	Tito dies, Yugoslavia, xx years head of state
	M 17-19	Black uprising, Miami
	(May 18	Mount St. Helens erupts)
	May 21	Carter announces state of emergency at Love Canal
80	June	800,000 anti-nuke march NYC (with Coretta King)
	Jn 3&6	Computer errors trigger 2 false nuc alarms
	June	Congress approves small peacetime draft
	(June	Employees buy-out Rath Packing)
	July	US car makers report record losses, 2nd quarter 80
	Aug 14	After 2 months of labor turmoil,
		16,000 Polish workers seize the Lenin Shipyard, Gdansk
	Aug 30	Polish govt allows formation of independent unions
80		-> Solidarity formed
	Sept 22	After 10 months of skirmishes,
		Iran-Iraq war starts, halting 60% of world's oil traffic
	Sept 23	Maine referendum shuts down Maine's only nuc plant (Yankee)
	Sept 30	Recession believed ending
80	Oct	Socialists win in Spain (first democracy since 39)
	Oct 17	Recession ends
		but inflation continues 
80	Nov	Reagan defeats Carter
		plus many Republican Senators ride in "on R's coattails)
	Nov	surge in mortgage rates starts
	Nov 14	Guinea-Bissau govt falls
	Nov 25	Upper Volta president ousted
	Dec 3	Congress passes Superfund (ck) $1.6 bill 
		to clean up toxic sites
80	Dec 8	John Lennon shot and killed
	Dec	Dingas leave Muktananda's Oakland ashram
	Dec 10	Second instance of surrogate motherhood reported (Tenn)
80	Dec 16	Saudi Arabia raises oil prices $2 to $32/barrel,
		then OPEC allows others to rise to 40/barrel
	Dec 16	Leaders of Solidarity, leaders of a new government, and
		reps of Catholic Church + 150,000 gather in Gdansk to
		recognize the dramatic change which has come to
	Dec 18	Hunger strike in Northern Ireland is called off after 7 weeks
80		First Rap hit: Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight ("79")
		Weavers reunion concert

		The Elephant Man
		(The Shining)
		(Blues Brothers)
		?Return of the Secaucus Seven - John Sayles

		Alvin Toffler: The Third Wave
		Lester Thurow: The Zero-Sum Society
		The Next WE Catalog
		A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn
		Medical Self-Care (the book) - Tom Ferguson, M.D.
		The Toilet Papers: Designs to Recycle Human Waste & Water:
		Dry Toilets, Greywater Systems, & Urban Sewage - Sim Van der Ryn
		The Old House Journal Catalog
		Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler
		(Clan of the Cave Bear) (the book)

1981		Oil at its highest price (1.35-40?/g) and starts to drop
		US Inflation rate starts to drop
		US Interest rates around 16%
		Japanese investment in U.S. doubles to $3 billion
		Number of young families buying homes drops
		Worldwide Stagflation of 1981-83
81		+ In the wake of oil price increase, third world less
81		able to repay 400 billion in debts incurred 71-80
		Savings & Loans continue to become insolvent
		?U.S. Steel decides to buy Marathon Oil instead of
		modernizing its plants
		81-82 "terror in the Guatemala countryside"
		Morris Dees starts? the Southern Poverty Law Center
		& takes the Texas KKK to court to stop them from
		harassing Viet-American fishermen in Galveston Bay
		U.K.: black uprisings in Brixton (s. London), Toxteth
		(Liverpool) & Moss Side (Manchester)
		Indian Point Reactor fizzled
		25.5 million people over 65, 28% increase over 1970
		Earth First! founded
		CED? elects majority to Santa Monica City Council
		(& Dennis Zane elected mayor) [but see82]
		Socialist Bernard Sanders elected mayor Burlington, Vermont
		Pac Man copyrighted 1980/81
		Oldest baby boomers start turning 35
		? -> up against the clock starts?
		Assassination attempt on the Pope

81	Jan 5	Second draft registration held
	Jan 16	Bernadette Devlin shot
	Jan 20	Iranian hostages released minutes after Reagan inaug
	Jan 23	Atlanta: 16th child disappeared or found dead in 18 months
		(continues into Feb)
	Jan 28	Reagan abolishes oil price controls
	Jan 30	Endangered Species List de-emphasized "to concentrate on
		recovery rather than reporting new species"
	Feb 2	Sect of Education proposes bilingual education plans
	Feb 4	Reagan cuts synthetic fuel projects
81	Mar?	James Watt appointed Secretary of Interior
		By 87 national environmental group membership has
		rises from 4 million to 7 million
	Mar 2	?Reagan cuts 35.1 billion from spending
		& reduces taxes 23% (check)
		Mental Health Institutions cut back (Soc. Sec.)
		Reagan: tax act benefits high-income taxpayers and
		large corporations
	Mar 2	US sends 20 more military advisors & $25 million 
		military equipment to El Salvador Duarte ?junta
	(Mar 30	Reagan wounded in assas attempt - Hinckley)
81	Apr	A group of Lakota & Sioux Indians occupy a section 
		of South Dakota's Black Hills & set up Yellow Thunder Camp
		(part of national forest officially returned to them in 80)
	Apr 9	Robert (Bobby) Sands elected to Parliament in 6th week of 
		hunger strike
	A 11-12	Uprising in Brixton, Jamaican section of London
	Apr 24	Reagan ends curb on sales of wheat to USSR
	May 5	Robert (Bobby) Sands dies in Maze Prison near Belfast,
		N. Ireland, after 66-day hunger strike asking the
		British government to grant political prisoner status
		to Irish Nationalist inmates, instead of treating
		them as common criminals
	May	House passes Nuclear Freeze, to be tabled by Senate
	May 23	30th black youngster found dead in Atlanta
	June	First half-dozen cases of AIDS diagnosed - LA
81	June 6	Backlog of 6,000 Haitians facing deportation hearings
	June 21	Arrest in Atlanta finally stops killings
	Jl-Sep	California fruit fly battle; first mis-use? of IPM
	July 3	195 demonstrators arrested in series of White House 
		sit-downs against Reagan administration cuts 
		& involvement with El Salvador
	Jl 3-14	Neo-Nazi Front riots in London & a dozen other English cities
	July 29	Prince Charles weds Lady Diana
	Aug	IBM introduces the Personal Computer (PC)
	Aug	Reagan ?signs? income tax reductions for rich (explain)
	Aug 1	Seventh hunger striker dies, Belfast
	Aug 3	12,000 air-traffic controllers go on strike
	Aug 5	Reagan breaks air-traffic controllers strike
		by hiring non-union workers
	Aug 6	Reagan endorses neutron bomb
	Aug 20	Tenth & last hunger striker dies, Belfast
81	end Aug	Mexico announces inability to pay interest on its debt
	Aug 24	South Africa invades Angola
	Sept	Mortgage rates 17.71%
	Oct	Weatherpeople surface with bungled robbery
	Oct	Papandreou & Socialist party elected in Greece,
		on platform including a call for shutdown of American bases
	Oct 22	Cancun: 22 Third World leaders convene in Mexico
	Nov	West German protest (?Cruise)
	Dec	CQ: Bioregional Quiz
81	Dec 13	Solidarity crushed in Poland - martial law imposed
	Dec 26	Supreme Court upholds right of 3 Indian tribes to use gill
		nets to fish in Lakes Michigan, Superior, & Huron

		Bob Marley dies
when?		Michael Jackson

		Reds, Tell Me A Riddle
		My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle)
		Cutter's Way, Soldier Girls
		Heartland, Gallipolli
		El Salvador: Another Vietnam
		(Raiders of the Lost Ark)
		Pixote, Zoot Suit
		The French Lieutenant's Woman
		Mon Oncle d'Amerique - Alain Resnais
		Perfumed Nightmare - Kidlat Tahimik
		?Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
		?Man of Iron - Andrzej Wajda

		Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
		- Fisher & Ury

1982		Recession of 81-82 ("Worst since the 1930s")
		("Due to Paul Volcker's tight money policies")
		Highest unemployment since 1940/WWII: 10.8% / 11 mill people
		Peak year of U.S. arms exports to third world countries
		mid-year: Stock market starts great rise
		Highest rate of business failures since 1933
		(including Banks - from ca 9 to 42 & S&L's)
		Texas (Houston) oil-based boom starts to go bust
		Three +? increases in prime rate (July: 13%)
		Unemployed steelworkers organize ad hoc relief
		programs such as Northeastern Minnesota Food Shelves
		Divorce rates, rising through the 60's & 70's,
		peak in 1979 and 1981, and stabilize
		early 82: public officials disclose that toxic solvents
		from Fairchild semiconductor's south San Jose plant
		have contaminated Silicon Valley water supply
		(-> high tech not so clean)
82		NY Fire Dept hires women
		Congress places moratorium on ocean dumping of nuclear
		wastes until the end of 84
		Amory & Hunter Lovins found Rocky Mountain Institute
		Mime Troupe: Factwino Meets the Moral Majority
		& Last Tango in Huahuatenango
		(Jane Fonda workout)
		John Belushi dies
		(USA Today started)
		?First nuclear-free zone municipality declared
		Santa Monica mayor Ruth Yanatta Goldway loses re-election
		to David Epstein of All Sa Mo Coalition
		?to Dennis Zane??
82		Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) founded
		Scandel at Swami Muktananda's ashram
		In the 10 years since DDT banned, bald eagle, osprey,
		brown pelican & peregrine falcon populations have increased
		Return of Halley's Comet after 77 years
		First implant of an artificial heart

82	Jan	Greece asks removal of American nukes
		if no progress in making Balkan peninsula nuke-free zone
	Jan 7	Reagan continues draft registration
	Jan 8	AT&T lawsuit settled: AT&T gives up the 22 local Bell
		System phone companies
	Feb 1	General Motors announces small profit for 4th qtr 81
	(Feb	Mexico devalues peso)
	Feb	Dresden peace demo - first in E Ger since 54
		call for disarmament & sing Lennon's Give Peace A Chance
	Mar 2	Great Britain reduces price of its North Sea oil by
		4 dollars/barrel to 31 dollars/ barrel (2nd cut in a
		month by Brits)
	Mar 20	OPEC agrees to cut its oil production to 17.5 mill
		barrels/day (1979 production was 31 mill barrels/day)
	Apr 2	Argentina seizes the Falkland Islands, U.K. sends navy
82	Apr	U.S. orders demolition of homes in Navajo/Hopi 
		"Joint Use Area", elders resist
	A 18-25	Ground Zero Week - Nuclear Freeze
	Apr 19	U.S. re-bans travel to Cuba
	Apr ?	United Nations Law of the Sea, international sea treaty,
		completed after ten years negotiations among 151
		nations (rejected by Pres Reagan in July & still not
		signed by US)
	May 18	Rev. Sun Myung Moon convicted of tax fraud
	June 1	The Revolutionary Cells Terrorist Group explodes bombs
		at 4 U.S. military bases in West Germany
	June 12	700,000 Nuc Freeze march from U.N. to Central Park
		Largest protest in NYC's history
		NY Central Park & LA Rose Bowl: hundreds of thousands
		sing Lennon's "Imagine"
	when?	Peace & Freedom NYC march (is this the same?
	June	when? Tom Hayden elected to Calif State Assembly
		($1.7 mill campaign)
	June??	Gore Vidal not elected to Calif. Senate
	June	Calif: Peripheral Canal (Prop. 9) defeated
	June 15	USSR announces at U.N. that Brezhnev has pledged
		no first use of nuclear weapons
	June	Reagan vetoes Congressional settlement of American Indian
		water rights claim (Papago tribe of Arizona)
	June 17	Natl Marine Fisheries Service of US Dept of Commerce,
		after 14 month SAM-SCAM investigation of illegal fish sales on
		the Columbia River - using wire taps, body microphones,
		aerial reconnaissance photography & river patrols, &
		zeroing in on the 147-mile stretch between the Bonneville
		and McNary Dams where only Indians fish under the 1974
		Boldt decision based on the 1855 treaty, raids camp of
		and arrests David SoHappy, 50, Howard Jim, 65,
		& 73 other Indians.
	June 24	ERA supporters admit defeat: 33 states have ratified in 10
		years, 3 short of the three-quarters needed by the
		June 30 deadline
	Jul 15	Rev Sun Myung Moon performs a mass-marriage for 4,150 

	Jul 23	International Whaling Commission votes to ban all
		commercial whaling effective 86
	Aug 4	US Court of Appeals rules that all new autos
		sold after Sept 83 must have seat belts
	Aug	IRS rules Mother Jones magazine is commercial
		& removes its tax exempt status
	Aug	Interest rates start to fall, 
		Stock Market starts series of sharp rises
	Sept 12	First dump trucks loaded with PCBs drive into Afton, 
		Warren County, North Carolina, the poorest county in
		the state, are met by vigil of 50 to 300 protestors
		waiting daily for the last month; 510 arrests made
82	Sept	First Amer Indian International Tribunal held at
		Deqanawida-Quetzalqualtal Univ in Davis to gather
		testimony from native peoples of the world on the
		economic effects of U.S. foreign & domestic policies
		Also world pilgrimage of indigenous peoples from 450
		countries arrives at Yellow Thunder Camp in South
		Dakota to help save it from usurpation by coal and
		uranium corporations
	Oct 8	Polish government bans Solidarity
	Oct 19	John Delorean, chairman of Delorean Motor Co,
		arrested LA on possession of 59 lbs cocaine (explain)
82	Nov	Deukmejian elected gov Calif (was this vs Bradley?)
		(end of Jerry Brown's term as Calif governor)
	Nov 3	Stock Market rises record 43.41 points 
		to close at all-time high of 1,065.49 
		But recession is deepening: Oct unemp rose to 10.4%
		(11.6 million) & industrial production has 13th decline
		in 15 months; utilization of factory capacity is 68.4%,
		the lowest since record-keeping began in 1948
	Nov 5	Demo at Honeywell, Minnesota's largest defense contractor,
		36 arrested
	Nov 13	Viet Veterans Memorial "Wall" dedicated, Wash. D. C.
	Dec	In These Times: Jerry Rubin holding Business
		Networking salons
	Dec?	Bethlehem Steel lays off 10,000
	Dec 17	Federal District Court Judge decides not to grant
		preliminary injunction against completion of the
		Gasquet-Orleans Road thru Siskiyou Indian religious area
82	Dec 22	Congress passes first version Boland amendment (411-0)
		which prohibited covert efforts by the President to
		overthrow the Nicaraguan government 

		*Springsteen: Nebraska
		Eddie Murphy
		U2: War (is this their first?)
		Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: The Message
		(first Hip-Hop)
		late 82: First Hearts of Space on KQED

		Sophie's Choice, Tootsie, Diva, Missing,
		Soldier Girls, El Salvador: Another Vietnam, Missing
		Blade Runner
		Quest for Fire, E.T., Poltergeist
		Fitzcarraldo, Burden of Dreams
		(Chan is Missing - Wayne Wong)
		Moonlighting (Pols in London)
		(The World According to Garp)
		(Atomic Cafe)

		Jonathan Schell: The Fate of the Earth
		Edible Landscaping
		Dreaming the Dark - Starhawk
		G Spot
		Frances Moore Lappe publishes revised Diet fora Small Planet

1983		First year of (small) U.S. trade deficit with Europe
		Bank failures continue to rise (ca 47)
		but "economy expanding" for next 6 years
		Number of Americans over 65 surpasses number of
		teenagers (July) (WER Spring 89 p.85)
		First Calif condor chick born in captivity
		Sally Ride becomes first Amer woman in space
		253 Marines killed in suicide bombing in Beirut
		Scott Nearing dies at age 100

	May 15	NYT: Vast Office Glut Plagues Downtowns:
		Average vacancy rate across the nation hits 10.8% in March
		(includes Denver, Houston, Chicago, etc) up from 3.4% in 1980 
		AIDS worries
		deaths from PCP/angel dust
		Garry Trudeau takes a year off doing Doonesbury
		ripped sweatshirts "a la Flashdance"
		anti-nuke: Shoreham
83		(Apple Computer hires Sculley)

	when?	Southern Poverty Law Center firebombed by KKK.
		Three KKK caught & convicted.

	early	Hopi & Navajo both elect new tribal chairs (Hopi: Ivan
		Sidney; Navajo: Peterson Zah) who work to resolve 
		historic dispute between the two tribes
	Jan	New Calif Gov Deukmejian extradites Dennis Banks (52)
		to South Dakota, where most of the 
		40 AIM members murdered since 74 were killed.
		Banks flees to New York.
	Jan 3	Times Beach, Mo. declared disaster area due to dioxin
	Jan 4	Colorado farmers protest foreclosures
	Jan 22	3000 West Germans protest construction of new runway at
		Frankfurt airport
	Feb	Economic indicators begin to show upturn in economy
83	Mar 14	OPEC lowers oil prices for the first time 
		(34 to 29 dollars/barrel)
	Mar	Greens win over 5% of vote in W German elections
	Mar	Animal rights activists confront U.C. Berkeley over
		E.I.R. for new animal facility
	Mar 25	Congress passes legislation to "rescue" the Social
		Security System from bankruptcy (by putting a greater
		burden on younger wage-earners) (explain)
	April	SF Zen Center roshi asked to leave
	April	Reagan vetos Congressional settlement of American Indian
		land claims (Pequot tribe of Connecticut)
	Apr 12	First black mayor of Chicago elected (Harold Washington)
	May 4	House passes (watered down) Nuc Freeze, to be tabled in Senate
	May	Over 1 million Sicilians have signed a petition against
		US base at Comiso (1/5 of total pop of Sicily)
	May	Gasquet-Orleans Road bulldozers blockaded by
		Earth First! & the Kalmiopsis Action Alliance
		Injunction finally granted in late May
	June	Alice Kahn's article on Yuppie in Express
	July 14	Earth First! & the Oregon Natural Resources Council
		granted preliminary injunction against building of the
		Bald Mountain Road, after over 40 arrests
	Aug 6-7	(Hiroshima Day)
		French freeze movement launched in meetings at Larzac
	Aug 21	Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino killed Manila
83	Aug 27	300,000 march in Washington on 20th anniversary of MLK march
		for "Jobs, Peace, & Freedom"
		(NYT estimates 200,000) (Almanac sez 250,000)
	Sept?	First Conference on the Fate of the Earth
	Sept?	Craxi & Socialist Party win power in Italy from
		40 years of Christian Democrats
	Sept	Continental & Eastern Airlines file bankruptcies
		(the first fall-outs to deregulation?)
	Oct 4-	Vietnam: A Television History (13 weekly segments)
	Oct 9	James Watt resigns as Interior Secretary
83	Oct 22	1.2 mill Germans, including 180,000 at Bonn 
		and 64 mile human chain between Stuttgart & New Ulm
		(+ Hamburg, W. Berlin)
		+ huns of thous London + 350,000 Rome
		+ 100,000 Vienna
		25,000 Paris, 20,000 Stockholm, 4000 Dublin
		+ 140 sites in US
	Oct 23	U.S. Marine hdqs in Beirut bombed - 241 killed;
		(U.S. Marines have been there since 1958, when 5000 were
		sent to protect the elected government from threatened
		overthrow July-Oct [ck]); In Feb, Reagan removes all
		marines from Lebanon
83	Oct 25	U.S. invasion of Grenada
	Oct 30	500,000 Dutch anti-missile rally, the Hague
	Oct 31	Conference on "The Long Term Worldwide Biological
		Consequences of Nuclear War", Wash D.C.: Nuclear Winter
		Scientists from the U.S., U.S.S.R. & other nations participate
	Nov	German government report finds great damage to Germany's
		forests due to air pollution and acid rain
	mid-Nov	Cruise deployed in England
	Nov 20	The Day After shown on tv - 100 million watch
	Nov 20	German opposition Soc Dem party opposes Cruise
	Dec	Dow stops manufacture & sale of 2,4,5-T 
		(Agent Orange ingredient) in US
	Dec 11	20,000 women demo at Greenham Common anti-nuke
		(?85- encampment)
	Dec	U.S. Steel lays off 15,500 & closes all or part of 29 mills,
		the largest shut-down in American history
83	Dec	Dennis Banks granted asylum in the Onandaga Indian
		Nation, NY (50,000 letters delivered to Governor Cuomo)

		Hearts of Space goes national
		Bergman: Fanny & Alexander
		Never Cry Wolf
		Trading Places (black man becomes prince)
		Baby It's You - John Sayles
		Staying Alive (Travolta)
		Terms of Endearment
		Local Hero
		The Big Chill
		Streamers - Altman (Viet)
		?Four Corners: A Natl Sac Area?
		The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez
		Monty Python: The Meaning of Life
		Season of Thunder (Philippine resistance)
		Alsino and the Condor (Nicaraguan struggle)
		Under Fire (Nicaraguan struggle)
		The Year of Living Dangerously (Thai? war)

83		The Deindustrialization of America: Plant Closings,
		Community Abandonment & the Dismantling of Basic
		Industry - Bluestone & Harrison (ck - saw as 82)
		In The Spirit of Crazy Horse - Peter Mathiessen (sp?)

1984		U.S. trade deficit with Europe jumps to $13 billion
		U.S. trade deficit with Japan is $36.8 billion
		"due to high U.S. dollar"
		and U.S. banks also borrow $21.6 billion
		Japanese invest $4.7 billion in the U.S.
		Mergers/takeovers skyrocket (from $52.2 bill (83) to 124.8 bill)
		Bank failure rate skyrocket to worst since 1938 (79 banks)
		(Debt $172 billion - $111 billion interest on past debts)
		Farmers going bankrupt
		Farm Policy Reform Act not adopted by Reagan
84		Foreign debt repayment worries 2
		U.S. deficit worries
		Foreign investment has doubled since 1979
		British miners fight Thatcher's coal pit closures
		European left asking for 35-hour week
		Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson (& hymie statement)
		Abortion-clinic bombings
		male empowerment
		Indians at Wounded Knee, aided by Tiyospaye Crisis
		Center in Dever, starting to plant gardens,
		arrange to re-release wild horses & re-introduce buffalo
		Institute for Transportation & Devpmt, Wash begins
		sending bicycles to Nicaragua
84		Southern Poverty Law Center's Klanwatch program goes to
		court to outlaw a paramilitary army built by the
		North Carolina Klan, which had been marching through
		black neighborhoods.
		When court order violated (arsenal built of stolen
		military weapons) Klanwatch wins second suit which
		puts North Carolina Klan out of business.
		Chavez calls grape boycott to persuade growers not
		to use five pesticides
84		Mime Troupe: Steeltown & 1985
		(Newsweek: year of the Yuppie (Dec 31, 84 issue)
		Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to Oregon?
		BCA majority in Berkeley
		First conception of a human ovum in a surrogate mother
		Identification of the AIDS virus
		Astronauts fly free in space for the first time
		Buckminster Fuller dies
		U.K.: building begins at self-build community at Lightmoor 
		in Telford new town, awarded top prize by Prince Charles 
		for Royal Institute of British Architects, June 1987

	Jan	Weirton Steel employees buy-out plant
	Jan 12	Cholesterol is linked to heart disease after 10-yr study
		by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute
	Jan 25	INFACT (Infant Formula Action Coalition) wins settlement
		with Nestle Corporation after seven year boycott
	Feb 13	FTC approves Texaco purchase of Getty Oil
	Mar 5	Standard Oil of Calif buys Gulf
	Mar	Major U.S. banks raise prime lending rate from 11 to 11.5%,
		the first increase since August 83
	Mar 13	Reagan agrees to cleanup Bikini Atoll of nuclear
		contamination so Bikinians can return (est 42 million)
	Mar 14	Hard Rock Cafe
	Mar 30	U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, & Colombia agree to give
		Argentina $500 million aid to meet its payments
		on its $43.6 billion debt
	Apr 5	Banks raise prime rate from 11.5 to 12% (highest since Oct 82)
	Apr 6	Federal Reserve Board raises its rate from 8.5 to 9%
	Apr	CIA reveals its participation in / mining of Nicaraguan harbors
84	May	Dutch government appears to conclude 
		it cannot accept missile deployment
	May 3	Iran, Iraq attack ships in Persian Gulf
	May 7	Veterans & 7 chemical companies settle Agent Orange suit
		(out of court): 15,000 vets & families to get $180 mill 
	May 10	US govt held negligent in above-ground testing of nuclear
		weapons in Nevada from 51 to 62, though only one cancer
		victim compensated
84	May	The MX program barely survives a House vote
	May 15	Senate Foreign Relations Committee rejects Reagan nominee
		(for head of U.S. Information Agency)
	M21-26	First North American Bioregional Congress meets in
		Excelsior Springs, Ozarkia bioregion, Missouri
	May 23	Contra Eden Pastora admits receiving CIA aid
	May 24	Longest Run leaves NYC, 51 days to Sacto
	Jun 1	Dutch cabinet votes to postpone its decision on
		accepting Cruise missiles until Nov 1, 85
	Jun 9	150,000 in London protest Cruise missiles
	Jun 14	Reagan agrees to talks with USSR about nuc weapons control
	J 22-24	SLATE reunion, Berkeley
	July	Reagan's Advisory Council on Oceans and Atmosphere recommend
		that the U.S. govt "reconsider" disposal of nuclear
		waste at sea
	July	P.M. David Lange of New Zealand comes out against
		nuclear warships in New Zealand's waters
	July	In the biggest environmental protest in the Soviet countries,
		6-7,000 Hungarians have signed a petition protesting plan
		to dam or divert the Danube River for a hydroelectric project
	Jul 25	Volcker says Fed will not tighten growth in money supply
		to control inflation (any more)
	Jl 30-	Aug 3  Heaviest trading ever on Stock Market
		Stock Market rises 87.46 pts to 1,202.08 (Aug 3 - 36 pts)
		Even as economy slows
	fall?	Voter Registration in attempt to defeat Reagan:
		xxx new voters registered (ITT)
84	Aug 2	Census Bureau: Poverty rate up 15.2% in 83, highest since 65
		(to 35.3 million poor)
	Aug	Australia, New Zealand, and 12 other Pacific island members
		of the Pacific Forum declare the area a nuclear-free zone,
		including ban on French nuclear testing & possible dumping
		of nuclear waste by Japan and the U.S.
	Oct 17	Britain drops its oil price 1.35/barrel
	Oct 18	Nigeria, member of OPEC, drops its oil price 2/barrel
	Oct 20	Reagan vetoes bill to improve Federal health care
		for American Indian reservations
	Oct 20	Repeat of European anti-missile protests
	Oct 28	OPEC decides to cut oil production
	Nov	Boston area is prohibited from adding new commercial sewer
		connections until it cleans up its aged sewer system 
		which has been dumping 6 billion gallons raw sewage
		a year into Boston harbor
	Nov	Pledge of Resistance campaign
	when?	Mitch Snyder, head of the Community for Creative Non-Violence
		goes on hunger strike to get fed govt to make an abandoned
		bldg available to street people. Eve of election,
		Reagan & Dept of Health & Human Services capitulate
84	Nov	Reagan re-elected (versus Mondale/Ferraro)
		but Democratic Congress
	Dec 3	Bhopal Union Carbide pesticide factory disaster 
		kills 2,000 and injures some 50,000 in India
	Dec 11	20,000 women anti-nuke demo at Greenham Common
	Dec	Department of Energy narrows choice of nuclear waste
		sites west of the Mississippi River to three:
		Washington, Texas, Nevada (after activism on original
		nine sites through the late 70s)
	Dec 22	Bernhard Goetz, riding on NYC subway, shoots & wounds
		4 teen-age boys after one of them asks for 5 dollars
	Dec?	FSM 20-year celebration (is this when it was?)

		Boy George
		*Springsteen: Born in the USA
		"World Beat"

		TV: Saturday Night Live (still)
		(Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
		Wild Style (break dancing) (or was this 83?) (or 82)
		Seeing Red
84		Silkwood (movie)
		Paris, Texas - Wim Wenders
		Moscow on the Hudson
		Sugar Cane Alley
		The Cotton Club
		When the Mountains Tremble (Guatemalan struggle)
84		El Norte (Guatemalan refugees) (shot in Mexico)
		Nicaragua: No Pasaran (David Bradbury, Australian)
		farmers: The River, The Dollmaker, Country
		Iceman (prehistoric man)
		?Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World
		The Gods Must Be Crazy
		The Brother From Another Planet - John Sayles
		(Ah Ying - Allen Fong (did Father & Son - 81)

		The Sixties Papers
		Green Politics - Fritjof Capra & Charlene Spretnak
		?Robert Reich: The Next American Frontier
		Alperowitz & Faux: Rebuilding America
		Indian Country: Peter Matthiessen
		William Gibson: Neuromancer
		Utne Reader 

1985		Dollar reaches peak high: ca 250 yen and ca 3.50 mark
		"Yen suddenly doubles in value, largely at US instigation"
		U.S. a debtor nation (Sept 20 NYT)
		U.S. arms exports to third world countries decline strongly
		Worries about glut economy
		T-Boone Pickens?
		Ivan Boesky pleads guilty of fraud on Wall Street
		Europeans having trouble with unemployment
		Farmers recession ("due to high dollar")
		No longer lower wages overseas
		People Express (airline)
		?GM-Toyota joint venture auto plant opens Fremont, Calif.
		?Sanctuary movement (gets media notice)
		(actually began 80 in Arizona)
		Mother of Michael Donald, young black man who was lynched 
		in 81 by KKK, sues KKK with the Southern Poverty Law Center
		Fundamentalists Anonymous formed
		Use of crack cocaine becomes a national problem
85		Swiss become first country in Europe to require catalytic
		converters on automobiles & to begin selling lead-free
		gasoline needed to work with them, in effort to deal
		with the death of their forests
		Petris bill requiring warning signs when dangerous
		pesticides are sprayed on a field finally passed by
		California legislature but vetoed by Gov. Deukmejian
		Efforts to pass bottle bills in Florida, NJersey, Penn
		(7 other states already have them)
		Work begins at VPL on creation of Virtual Reality machinery
		DSA active through 85-> (Michael Harrington dies July 89)
		Virtual ban on leaded gasoline
		U.K.: black uprisings in Handsworth (Birmingham)
		& Broadwater Farm [hsg devmt] (Tottenham, ne London - Oct)

85	Jan	P.M. David Lange of New Zealand refuses to allow US Navy 
		destroyer into port which might be carrying nuclear weapons
	Jan	Mono Lake (Rush Creek) fight starts?
	Jan 30	OPEC cuts oil prices
	Feb 5	P.M. Robert Hawke of Australia refuses to allow US use 
		of bases to monitor an MX missile test
	Feb	US auto workers announce record profits (= recovery)
	Feb 13	South African police arrest 13, nearly all the leaders
		of the United Democratic Front (main opposition group)
	F 18-21	South African police kill 18 demonstrators at Crossroads
		near Capetown, injure 200
	Feb	by end, some 1900 arrested in the US demonstrating against
		South African apartheid in last several months
	Feb?	On 25th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre (1960),
		South African police kill 69
	Mar 1	ABC bought by Capital Cities Communications, Inc.
		(Biggest merger in US history outside the oil industry)
	Mar 21	During funeral march for 3 killed in Sharpeville
		memorial demo, South African police kill 19
85	Mar 11	Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of U.S.S.R.
	Mr-Ap?	Kesterson starts?
	Apr	Mono Lake (Rush Creek) decision
	Apr	Farley Mowat denied entry into U.S.
	Ap 1	EPA orders end to dumping of sludge off the New Jersey coast
	Apr 4	Congress rejects Reagan's appeal for support for Nic contras
	Apr 7	Gorbachev announces USSR moratorium (til Nov) on deployment
		of intermediate-range nuclear missiles
	A 16-My	South Africa divestment (UC Berk) (shantytowns)
	Apr 18	Ted Turner launches bid to take over CBS
85	May	Nature publishes new research by Dr. Joe Farman
		which indicates ozone layer levels are falling
	May 1	Reagan ends U.S. trade with Nicaragua
	May 2	Senate votes to limit Pentagon spending to 85 levels,
		adjusted for inflation
	May 12	Washington Post reports Lebanese counterterrorist unit
		responsible for car bomb in Beirut suburb which killed
		80 on March 8 was trained by the CIA
	May 12	Philadelphia police bomb & destroy 61 row houses & kill 11
		in confrontation with anarchist group MOVE
	May 17	Fed cuts interest rate to 7.5% (lowest since 78)
		Two major banks immed drop rate 10.5 to 10%
	May 20	(Next trading day) Stock Market rises 19.54 pt
		to finish above 1300 for the first time
	May 23	Reagan & Senate agree to compromise limiting MX missiles to 50
	June 2	General Motors acquires Hughes Aircraft
	June 5	Senate votes to ask Reagan to stay within SALT II treaty limits
	June 10	Reagan announces U.S. will
	June 11	Gorbachev calls for economic reforms in USSR
	June 27	Senate refuses to approve Reagan appointee for
		associate attorney general
	June?	Pesticide Action Network names list of "Dirty Dozen"
		pesticides used internationally which should be banned
85	July 13	Live Aid Concert raises $70,000 for African famine relief
		17 hour broadcast on radio & tv to 152 countries
		from live locations in London & Phil attended by 160,000
		Baez, Bowie, Dylan, Jagger, McCartney, Elton John,
		Tina Turner take part
		(previously did USA for Africa with "We Are the World")
	J 15-27	12,000 women attend U.N. World Conference of Women, Kenya
	July	Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, protesting France's
		approaching nuclear tests in the region, is sunk in 
		Auckland harbor, NZ by French secret service
	August	United Farm Workers starts campaign against "Deadly
		Dozen" worst pesticides still in use in the U.S.
85	Aug 11	Leakage of toxic gas from Union Carbide ?pesticide plant,
		W. Virginia
	Sept 1	To avert Senate's passage of South African sanctions,
		Reagan announces more restrained sanctions
		(11 western nations have already imposed sanctions)
	Sept	Unemployment, which has stayed at 7.2% for 6 months,
		finally drops to 6.9% (lowest since 1980)
	Sept?	Mex City earthquake gets too much aid
85	Oct	Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh arrested (& deported)
	Oct 26	Australian govt gives Ayers Rock back to the Aborigines
	Nov 15	Great Britain & Republic of Ireland sign agreement giving
		the Republic consultive role in governing of N. Ireland
85	Nov	Oil prices about 28/barrel
	Dec 2	General Dynamics execs indicted for defense contract fraud
	Dec 8	OPEC announces new strategy to compete for world oil market
		In next few days, oil futures drop from 28.74 to
		25.23/barrel, then recover somewhat
	(Dec 8	Guatemala elects civilian pres after 30 yrs mil rule)
		(is this significant?)
	Dec 11	General Electric to buy RCA
	Dec 11	Congress passes Gramm-Rudman forced reductions in deficit
	Dec	Uprising of New Zealand Maori youths, Auckland

		"Big music scene LOS ANGELES" (RS: Madchester article)
		The Killing Fields  (end 84) (saw again as 84)
		Witness (Amish)
		Alamo Bay - Louis Malle (Viet fishermen in Texas)
		White Nights (Gregory Hines & Baryshnikov as defectors)
85		Brazil 
85		Desperately Seeking Susan
		(Back to the Future)
		Mime Troupe: Troupers (the movie)

		Habits of the Heart - Bellah et al
		Women Who Love Too Much - Robin Norwood
		Deep Ecology - Devall & Sessions
		Acid Dreams - Lee & Shlain
		Uncovering the Sixties: The Life & Times of the
		Underground Press - Abe Peck

1986		Volcker tight money policy almost causes another recession
		Interest rates down (ca 8%)
		worries over third world debts
		U.S. bank failures ca. 140 and rising;
		1600 banks in trouble (FDIC list)
		U.S. trade deficit with Japan grows to $58 billion  ?51
		and U.S. banks borrow $46 billion
		Dollar starts to drop steeply against the yen and mark 
		(or is it be devalued?) -> tourism to U.S. increases
		Insurance companies raise their liability rates
		(at end of 86, declare 11.5 billion net income)
		Ivan Boesky accused
		Fourteen socially responsible investment funds
		Sanctuary Movement court case (get more)
		(creole cuisine?)
	when?	California voters adopt Prop 65 Toxics Initiative
		with mechanism for citizen enforcement -> law suits
	when?	Calif leg passes Bottle Bill (AB 2020)
	when?	Immigration Reform Act (ck name) grants amnesty
		to illegal immigrants workers (ck details)
86		U.K.: Greater London Council & 6 metropolitan counties

86	Jan 1	Gorbachev asks for world ban on atomic weapons
	Jan	NYC finally stops pumping up to 150 million gallons of
		raw sewage into the Hudson River daily, with the opening
		of new North River Water Pollution Control Plant
	Jan 16	Energy Dept announces 12 potential nuclear waste sites
		in eastern U.S., including Penobscot site in Maine only
		re-granted to them six years before and four other tribal sites
	Jan 20	U.S. officially observes Martin Luther King Day for first time
	Jan	oil prices lowered again (from 15 to 10 dollars/barrel)
		(worries about the effect of lowered oil prices)
		(effect on Texas starts) (also Mexico starts to go into debt)
	Jan 28	Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, space program put on hold
	Jan	Unemployment rate 6.6%, lowest in 6 years
	Feb	(mid) oil prices in the 15-16/barrel range
		-> Stock Market buying frenzy
	Feb 6	Stock Market closes above 1600 for first time
	Feb	Texas Air takes over Eastern Airlines to create
		largest U.S. airline
86	Feb	Field testing of genetically engineered bacteria to
		reduce frost damage on strawberry plants planned by
		Advanced Genetic Sciences of Oakland, California
		banned by Monterey (Calif.) County Board of Supervisors
	Feb 16	Duvaliers flee Haiti after 28-year rule by the family
	Feb 19	Senate finally ratifies 1948 U.N. treaty outlawing genocide
		(90 other nations have already ratified)
	Feb 27	Stock Market closes above 1700 for first time
	Feb 27	Marcos's flee Philippines, Aquino in after Feb 7 election
	Feb	Consumer prices fall for first time since who knows when, 
		continue dropping into May
	Mar 7	Fed cuts prime rate 7.5 to 7% (lowest since 78)
		following lead of central banks in W Ger, Fr, Japan
	Mar	Two Lyndon LaRouche supporters chosen in
		Illinois Democratic primary for Lt Gov & Sec State
		Attention turns to LaRouche supporters who have gotten
		themselves onto other state ballots
	Mar 19	Reagan & Canada's Mulroney finally agree on acid rain actions
	(Mar 27	Senate approves 100 mill for Nic contras)
	Apr 15	US bombs Libya base
	Apr 18	South Africa finally ends pass laws
86	Apr 25	Explosion starts meltdown at Chernobyl near Kiev
		in the USSR Ukraine
	May 12	Drexel Burnham Lambert charged with illegal "insider trading"
	May 25	Hands Across America: 5 million attempt to form human 
		chain across US & donate 10 dollars to aid hungry & homeless 
		in US, from Battery Park, NYC to Long Beach, Calif.
		& Sport Aid: 20 million in 266 cities in 76 countries 
		run in benefit for hunger in Africa
	June 11	South Africa: "State of Emergency" imposed
	June 16	Despite arrests, millions stay home in South African
		black trade union strike on 10th anniversary Soweto uprising
	Aug 4	OPEC agrees to cut oil production
		Within days, oil prices rise from 11.50 to 15/barrel
86	Sept 4	Stock Market hits all time high of 1919.71, starts to level off
	Sept 11	Stock Market has fallen 86.61 pts to 1792.89
	Sept 15	Texas Airlines buying out People Express & its
		ill-advised acquisition, Frontier Airlines
	Sept 21	35 nations adopt treaty to reduce risk of accidental war,
		including USSR agreement to on-site inspections
	Sept 27	Congress passes Tax Reform Act (affects 87) (after 2 yrs)
	Oct 2	Congress overrides Reagan's veto to pass South African sanctions
	Oct 3	Congress requires schools to inspect for asbestos hazards

86	Nov 1	Rhine River disaster: 30 tons of mercury and pesticides
		wash into the river during a 
		fight against a fire at Sandoz AG warehouse in Basel, Switz;
		several days later, Ciba-Geigy admits it "accidentally" released
		900 pounds of pesticide into the river hours before 
	Dec 4	Hundreds of thousands of French students march 
		against Chirac's higher education bill
	Dec 20	Three black men attacked by bat-wielding young whites
		in Howard Beach neighborhood, Queens, NYC;
		one of them, Michael Griffith (23) hit by a car and
		dies during flight

		??Paul Simon: Graceland (or was this 87?)

		The Color Purple - the movie (Dec 85)
		Woody Allen: Hannah & Her Sisters
		My Beautiful Launderette
		She's Gotta Have It
		(Peggy Sue Got Married)
		??Kiss of the Spider Woman
		Men - Doris Dorrie (Ger)
		A Great Wall - Peter Wang
		(Sid and Nancy)
		Star Trek IV
		Contrary Warriors (Crow Indian struggle)

1987		First trillion-dollar national budget
		SPLC's Klanwatch wins 7 million dollar judgement against
		the KKK for Michael Donald's murder - including deed to
		national headquarters of the United Klans of America
		135+ counties and municipalities have voted to become
		nuclear-free zones
		Over half the couples getting married have lived
		together beforehand (Manchester Guard Wkly, Dec 31, 89)
		Gorbachev announces policies of glasnost & perestroika
		Intifada uprising starts among Palestinians in Israel
		Safe sex ads
??		restriction of foreign musicians
??		John Berger's book on restoration volunteer heroes
	when?	Prairie Home Companion last show
	when?	Columbia protest
	when?	First national U.S. Greens conference (Amherst, Mass.)
	when?	Congress extends Clean Water Act (over Reagan's veto?)
		Joseph Giovannini coins the word "deconstructivism"
		to describe the new architectural style of Frank Gehry,
		Peter Eisenman, Bernard Tschumi, Zaha Hadid, and
		the Coop Himmelblau
	spring?	Max Headroom, computer-generated character from
		Britain, premiers on U.S. tv

	Jan	Greens win 8.3% in German elections
	Jan	Environmentalists, unionists & community members from
		BASF plant in Louisiana join Green Party in W. Ger.
		to protest Rhine River damage by BASF
	Feb??	Mar: Brazil announces suspension of debt payments
87	Mar?	Contra cease-fire - Nicaragua
	Apr	Dollar starts to fall, but is propped up & rises
		Stock market soars
		Brazil suspends payment of interest on debts
		U.S. threatening to tariff Japan if it does not stop
		"dumping" microchips
	Apr	1,100 demo at Honeywell, Minneapolis against
		manufacture of nuclear weapons; 
		arrests since 81 total 1,820 (NYT Business 9/20/87)
	Apr 16	U.S. Patent Office announces genetically engineered
		animals can be patented          when was seed patent law?
	Apr	New Jersey requires statewide garbage seperating
	May	Start Stock Market downfall predictions
	May 4?	Immigration amnesty program (1 year) starts
	June	Soviet doctors visit Leonard Peltier in prison (Canada)
	(June	Sup Ct decision on So Cal church vs LA County flood control)
87	July	First debt-for-nature swap announced
		(Bolivia's Beni Biosphere Reserve)
	July	Hearings on Iran-Contra (Oliver North, etc)
	Aug	200 dolphins washed ashore from Virginia to Maine,
		dead of unknown disease; thousands of fish, crabs,
		& eels suffocated in North Carolina estuaries,
		apparently due to low levels of oxygen;
		disease ravaged Chesapeake Bay oyster beds;
		lobsters were asphyxiated in their pots by a
		brown tide of algae
	Aug 6	Hodel: Hetch Hetchy
	Aug 7	Cease fire Central America (Arias peace plan)
		and no S.F. homeporting
	Aug 12	Stock Market crashes
87	Aug 15&16	Harmonic convergence
xxx 	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	Sept 1	Brian Wilson loses legs at Concord Naval Weapons Station
	Sept	(Turning third world debt into bonds)
	Sept?	Ecuador debt-for-nature swap
	wk of S14	Reagan & Gorbachev to sign arms reduction treaty
	Oct 5	Supreme Court refuses to hear Peltier appeal
	Oct?	Bork hearings
	Oct 11	Second Lesbian Gay March, Wash DC, again unreported by press
	Oct	prime interest rate raised to 9 1/4 (fifth raise this year)
	Oct 16&19	Wall Street: stock market falls 508 points
		& US attack on Iran oil platforms
	Nov?	Cuban refugees uprising - Oakdale? prison
	Nov 12	Unita/SA defeat in Angola (re-check)
	Nov	California Rural Legal Assistance and 
		California Agrarian Action Project win suit (started
		1979) against University of California for preferential
		research for large agri-business farmers

		?Ruben Blades
		?Ladysmith Black Mambazo

		TV: Vietnam series, Thirtysomething
87		Woody Allen: Radio Days
		Dirty Dancing
		La Bamba (Luis Valdez plays Richie Valens)
		Platoon (saw as 86)
		Cry Freedom, Mandela, Walker
		Hollywood Shuffle, Ironweed
		(Matewan - Sayles)
		Withnail and I
		(The Witches of Eastwick)
		I've Heard the Mermaids Singing
		Good Morning, Vietnam
		(Fatal Attraction)
		(Hope and Glory)
		(My Life as a Dog)
		Sammy and Rosie Get Laid
		Fire From the Mountain (Nicaraguan struggle)
		The East/The West (film by Kiyoshi Miyato on American Indians)

		Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow - Sinetar
		Growing a Business - Hawken
		The Great Depression of 1990 - Ravi Batra (summer?)

	when?	nearly every W. Af. country receives offers for
		accepting hazardous waste
		?ARDIS (Assoc for Responsible Dissent): Philip Agee,
		John Stockwell, Verne Lyon, Ralph McGehee,
		Philip Roettinger, Ilona Maria Lorenz
		?Brits buying up US?
		?Loni Hancock elected mayor of Berkeley
		Worst drought in 50 years & warmest Jan-May on record
		Farms in south & midwest devastated
		Forest fires
		Global warming draws public interest
		Three million homeless in U.S. (sez EWJ)
		Federal "Drug Czar" appointed to lead war on illegal drugs

	Jan	Restoring the Earth Conference
	Jan 26	Aust Aborigines mark Aust 200th anniversary as "invasion day"
	Feb	EEC decides on 1992 Single European Market
		(end to internal barriers)
	Feb	Costa Rica's La Selva Protected Zone debt-for-nature swap
	Feb	G.E. workers agree to pay cut to keep their jobs
	Feb 3	Contra-Aid debate, Ft. Bragg offshore oil drilling hearing
	Mar 16	Puget Sound oil spill, Iranscam indictments
	Mar 17	US soldiers sent to Honduras
	Mar 24	Another Stock Market drop
	Apr 18	Attack on Iraq + Palestinian leader shot
	Apr 26	?Shell oil spill - Suisun
88	Apr 25	Greenpeace & the Danish Government debate
		Association of Martime Incinerators before scientific
		committee of the London Dumping Convention over
		proposal for world-wide
		ban on incineration of toxic wastes at sea, which
		European countries have been doing since 1969
		(about 90,000 tons toxic waste a year)
	(May	U.S. inflation worries starting again)
	May	Hungary: Kadar out after 32 years
	May	Lilco agrees to sell unfinished Long Island Shoreham
		nuclear power plant to NY for $1 to be dismantled
		(ck for more recent ???)
88	May-Jun	Reagan visits Gorbachev in Moscow
		& signs xxx
	June 1	Brazilian govt recognizes Indian right to remain
		in their territories
	Jn?	Australian govt agrees to negotiate first treaty with Aborigines
	Jn/Jl	Dollar rises (through summer) 120 to 135 yen
	June	The Khian Sea, which left Philadelphia Oct 86 with
		10,000 tones of incinerator ash, has been refused
		permission to dump in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic,
		Honduras, Haiti, & Guinea-Bissau
	July-	U.K.:Big summer of House Party/Acid House all-night dance events
		(Ecstasy at The Hacienda, Manchester)
88	July	Hospital wastes found on east coast beaches
	Jul	Sunday before 31st: 100,000 people linked hands on the
		north German coast to protest government complacency in
		fighting epidemic which has killed 4000 North Sea
		seals in the last three months
	Aug	Cease fire in Angola (13 yrs civil war)
		Cease fire in Iran-Iraq war (8 yrs)
		USSR starts withdrawal from Afghanistan (8 1/2 yrs)
		100,000 troops to be out by Feb 15
		(13,00 have been killed; 22,000 wounded)
		Hopeful initiatives underway in Cyprus & Western Sahara
		"Vietnam may withdraw from Cambodia"
		Poland agrees to talk with Walesa (8 yrs)
	Aug 27	55,000 attend 25th anniversary Washington Civil Rights March
	Sept 8	Boise, Idaho: 4 white supremacists plead guilty to
		plotting bombings, robberies & the murder of Morris Dees
	Sept	NYT: Is the cold war drawing to a close?
	Sept 19	Burma & Haiti rebel
	(Sept	Savings & loans failures continuing)
88	Sept 29	80,000 in West Berlin protest IMF policies, 400 arrested
	Oct	Albert Hoffman Institute founded L.A.
		& Switzerland re-legalizes LSD research
	Oct	Energy Dept finally admits problems with nuclear arms industry
		and nuclear plants
	Oct	(oil prices dropping again - below 10 dollars/barrel)
88	Nov	Robert Morris sends Internet Worm (computer virus)
88	Nov	Bush elected (vs Dukakis)
		but with Democratic Congress
		and with both candidates supporting environmentalism
		Also Insurance reforms (Calif)
	(Dec 7?	U.N. adopts global weather resolution) (explain?)
	Dec 8?	Gorbachev speech at U.N.
		(then hurries home after Georgia earthquake)
	Dec 14	US agrees to talk to PLO
	Dec 23?	Peace in Namibia
	Dec?	Chico Mendes, rubber tapper & rain forest activist,
		murdered in Brazil
	Dec	"intifada started"

		Tracy Chapman
		Michelle Shocked
		K.D. Lang
		?Baez, Collins, + Cohen
		+ Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Pere Ubu
		?Japanese Taiko drums
		Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

		tv: thirtysomething (when did it start?)
		Miami Vice (ditto)

88		The Unbearable Lightness of Being (from Kundera)
		Babette's Feast
		School Daze (Spike Lee)
		The Milagro Beanfield War
		Wings of Desire - Wim Wenders
		Bagdad Cafe
		Colors (Dennis Hopper)
		(Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
88		Stand and Deliver (Edward Olmos plays Jaime Escalante)
		The War in El Cedro (Viet vets go to Nicaragua)
		The Last Temptation of Christ (Scorsese)
		(Salam Bombay)
		Tucker (Coppola)
		Imagine: John Lennon 
		(Working Girl)
		?Rain Man
		Mahaharata (theater)
		Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (film)
		The Beat Generation: An American Dream (movie) (actually 87)
		(Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)

88		Paul Kennedy: The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
		Japan Inc.
		The Chalice & the Blade
		Matthew Fox: The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
		Fukuyama?: The End of History?
		William Gibson: Mona Lisa Overdrive
		EEC/US "on the brink of trade war"
		Benazir Bhutto elected in Pakistan 

1989		U.S. average family income regains 1973 level
		(only with two wage-earners)

	Jan 5	Riots against African students in China
	?	Creation Spirituality priest's banning
	Jan	Japanese Emperor Hirohito dies
		Libyan chemical weapon plant
	Jan?	African-American (huh)
	Jan?	Germans & Nazi statement
	Jan 24	"Dow Jones back to Oct. 17 level"
	J30-F3	Record cold E & N U.S. (Alaska storm)
	Feb 4	Paraguay: Stroessner (dictator 35 years) unseated in mil coup
	Feb 9	Michael Manley, dem. socialist, re-elected P.M.  Jamaica
	Feb?	Antarctic oil spill
	Feb	?First? public demonstrations of Virtual Reality
	F-early	March	Rushdie
	Feb-Mar	Tower not? confirmed (Defense Secretary)
	when?	Jerry Brown appointed head Dem. Party, Calif.
	Mar 10	Moslems win in Nazareth
	Mar 10	Hungary: new constitution
		& Lithuania: Si-u-dees(t) to win 30/42
	Mar 13	Tibet demos
		Neo Nazis win 6% in Hesse, Frankfurt
		Chilean grapes - cyanide
		Calif: handguns outlawed
		third world debt
89	Mar 24	Exxon Valdez oil spill - Alaska
	Mar 27	USSR: first contested elections
	Mar-Apr	UK: "No winter in Europe this last year
		& things are blooming 2 months early
	Apr 6	Viet vol GIs return, after 2 month visit
	Apr 7	Annual reclaim the test site demo ?starts
	Apr 9	Georgia, ?USSR: 17 die
		Wash D.C. Pro-Choice March 100,000
	Apr 10	Gas prices raised
	Apr 12	Abbie Hoffman dead
		Bush? announces renewal all water leases: 
		Orange Cove near Fresno, Friant Dam
	Apr 13	Military child care hearings
	Apr 26	Beijing demos     was this Tian?men (sp?) Square
	Apr 28	170 conscientious objectors have left South Africa in 4 years
		Mobil leaves South Africa due to end of tax credits
	May 8	(eve) Georgia demo - 20 killed (USSR)
	May 11	Panama: govt calls election void, Bush sending troops
	May 15	Russians getting Viet to pull out of Cambodia
		(by Sept.) -> talks w China
		Gorbachev to China today
89	May 18	China demos in Tienamen? Square during USSR-China talks
	May 31	"18th day" China demos   ?100,000 in Tienamen Square
	Jn 3-4	China: police attack demonstrators   ?
	June 4	Solidarity wins in Poland
	June 5	Khomeini dead
		Prime 11 1/2 -> 11%
	June 6	Sacramento: Rancho Seco voted down
	J 5-10	Uzbeck youths Fergona Valley attack Misketi Turks
	June 12	Expansion of Nat Am water rights upheld by Sup Ct
		3rd anniversary Infact vs General Electric 
		(Livermore demo)
		Second? anti-affirmative action Sup Ct
		Falwell announces Moral Majority to end Aug. 31
	June	Heavy rains in Ohio, flooding in 13 eastern U.S. states
		U.K.: drought (most since summer 1976)
	?summer	another attempt at re-introducing the mini
	July 3	Sup Ct anti-abortion ruling
	Aug 6	S.F. Examiner announces the existence of
		Wes Thomas's "Friday the 13th" computer virus
	Aug 23	2 million in Balkans form human chain
		on the 50th anniversary of the secret agreement
		which made them part of the Soviet Union
	Oct 7	Wash: Housing Now! march
	Oct 13	Dow drops 190? points
	(Oct 17	SF Earthquake)
	Oct	East Germans leaving
	Oct	Hungarian Communist party becomes officially socialist
	Oct 28	Ortega of Nicaragua announces he won't extend the cease-fire
	Nov 4	500,000 demonstrate in East Berlin
	Nov 9	/fBEast Germany opens its borders - "Berlin wall comes down"/fR
	(Nov 10	East Germans cross into West Germany)
	N 13-14	Czechoslovakia opens its borders
	Nov 14	El Salvador
	Nov 17	Czech: 10-20,000 teens try to march to Wenceslaus(sp?) Square;
		400 injured
	Nov 18	Czech: strike at schools, invitations of forbidden speakers;
		Town meetings start; Civic Forum formed
	N 21-22	Czechoslovakia: 1 million demonstrators
		over next week becomes general strike
	Nov 28	Czechoslovakia announces it will adopt new constitution
		and Hungary announces first free election
	Dec 14	NATO announces troop reduction
	Dec 18	demonstrations in Romania
	(Dec 19	764,000 in current army)
89	Dec 20	US invades Panama
	Dec 22	Caescescu overthrown, Rumania
	(Dec 27	disco line dance craze)

		Mississippi Burning
		(36 Fillette)
		High Hopes (U.K.)
		Dangerous Liasons
		New York Stories - Woody Allen
		Dead Poets Society
		Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee)
		Comic Book Confidential
		Story of Women/Une Affaires des Femmes (Chabrol)
		Woody Allen: Crimes and Misdemeanors 
		Sidewalk Stories
		Born on the Fourth of July
		Downwind Downstream
		Sex, Lies and Videotape
		Roger and Me (more 1990)
		Distant Voices, Still Lives (UK)


1990		Robert Bly

	Jan	Myles Horton dies
	Jan 22	Stock Market drops 77 points
	Jan 24	Secret Service agents raid homes of Acid Phreak
		and Phiber Optik and confiscate computer? equipment
		(Calif Drought Year #4)
	wk 	before Feb 2? South African transit workers win strike
	Feb 2	Secret Service agents raid Len Rose, aka Terminus
	Feb 2	South African government legalizes ANC
	Feb 4	Colombia gives half its forest to indigenous tribal peoples
	Feb 7	/fBUSSR legalizes multi-party/fR
	Feb 7	Secret Service raids three more computer hackers
	Feb 11	/fBSouth Africa: Mandela released/fR
	Feb 14	Drexel Burnham Lambert junk bond kings: bankruptcy
	Feb 15	Secret Service raids Craig Neidorf, editor of Phrack
		on-line magazine
	Feb 16	/fBLithuania    ? declares independence?
	when?	Latvia & Estonia declares independence /fR
90	Feb 21	Tokyo stock market drop (1000 yen?) "due to interest drop"
	Feb 25	Nicaraguan election: Sandanistas defeated by Chamorro
	Mar 1	Secret Service raids Steve Jackson Games
	Mar 16	GOP Lee Atwater's change of heart
	May 9	Secret Service announces 28 new hacker raids under
		Operation Sun Devil

		the year of the 20 years after Earth Day
		and I bet this was the start of New York City's enviro group what's their name?

	Aug	Iraq invades Kuwait
	Oct 3	Germanys reunite
	Nov 12	-14 "Clearing squatters E. Berlin"
	Nov 19	Paris: CFE treaty signed, 22 nation

		what movies?

	(Jan	MacWorld: multimedia)
	Jan 16-	U.S. bombs Iraq out of Kuwait
	Feb 1	Calif emergency drought plan
	Feb 20	Albania uprising
	Mar 11	LA: citizen videos cop beating
	when?	USSR crack down on Lithuania
	June 11	FDIC insolvent - 440 banks failing; 
		S&Ls 80 bill + 50 bill coming +
	June 17	N Ireland: half population under 28;
		all parties but Sinn Fein meet about home rule
		("after 17 years of England's involvement since
		troubles started") 1974-
	June 21	Sup Ct: states can outlaw nude dancing;
		no on burning draft cards
	June 21	S Af: ends ban law
	Aug 18	attempted USSR coup
	Sept 2	rioting in Britain
		recession, city and county bankruptcies
	Oct 20	Oakland fire  (+ Bill Graham dead)
		USSR: the hungry winter starts
	Dec	or Jan 92? USSR reformation as commonwealth
	Dec 31?	cease fire in El Salvador
		when was Dead Poets Society
		Alice (Woody Allen)
		The Doors
		To Sleep with Anger, A Rage in Harlem etc
		Thelma & Louise
		Dances with Wolves
		Paris Is Burning (gay scene)
		The Fisher King
		The Commitments

	Dec?	or Jan 92? Simon tour to S Africa
	(Jan	MacWorld: announcement of Quicktime video capabilities)
	Jan 	Wilson's budget: state college tuition hikes

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