Audio Sound File Restoration

I use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and Adobe Audition 3.0 for sound file restoration, remixing, and remastering. I am able to correct most vinyl sound problems, including several types of noise problems that are difficult or impossible to solve with less than a Cedar Audio system. My objective is NO discernable artifacts whatsoever.

I am able to correct clicks, crackle, scratches, thumps, dropouts, and clusters of ticks, as well as rumble generated by the recording cutter and the playback table. I can reduce or eliminate many periodic tones, buzzes, and hums, and some types of groove-wall 'scritch'. I can also correct most wow and pitch abberations.

Gross distortions caused by radically excessive record levels and badly damaged grooves are not correctable, though I have been able to restore about 3dB of clipping distortion, and up to 5dB of top-end dynamics, both amplitude and frequency-band related.

I do not use any overall file-sweeping software to do these corrections at this time, as all of them that I have heard, produce artifacts that are not acceptable to me. In a process that can take quite a long time and considerable effort, I manually work through a file, tackling the solvable problems in a specific order.

When this has been accomplished, I then analyze any remaining problems to determine whether an acceptable solution is possible that leaves no discernable artifacts. If necessary and required, I will choose certain procedures which leave acceptable artifacts, usually only slight reductions in sound quality that can be recovered subjectively in the remastering process which follows.

Most pop&click softwares work fine for most applications. However, if you want it done really well, with attention to detail, contact me. I will work briefly on the file, and give a free estimate as to total cost. I can work from the vinyl or cassette tape, and most mp3's.