The Secret Chief
Conversations with a pioneer of the underground psychedelic therapy movement

By Myron Stolaroff

Prologue by Stan Grof
Tribute by Ann Shulgin
Foreword by Albert Hofmann
Introduction by Myron Stolaroff
Epilogue by Sasha Shulgin
Chapter 1: Early Beginnings
Chapter 2: Selection and Preparation
Chapter 3: The Individual Trip
Chapter 4: The Group Trip
Chapter 5: Materials and Doses
Chapter 6: Outcomes

Appendix I: Personal Accounts
Appendix II: Resources
Tripper's Prayer
Review and Commentary by Ralph Metzner

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This book is dedicated to the memory of Jacob, with the fervent hope that the revelation of his work will help bring understanding and sanity to a confused world. May it pave the way for others to reap the benefits he worked so hard to establish.

Published by MAPS / 1997 Myron Stolaroff. All Rights Reserved.