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The following are some selected images taken in a desert area in the southwest United States. Click on the small images to bring up a larger image. Scroll down for all images.

A small crevasse, in the side of a ravine wall lit by indirect early morning light, glows with reflected colors.

A bright bleached slope, littered with volcanic rocks, lies untouched for untold years.

A ground detail shot, a favorite for many years, is captured at noon on a particularly hot afternoon.

A view through a series of erosion cuts, showing some of the many pedestals and tongues of rock left behind.

A sweeping overview, awash in color in mid- afternoon light, complemented by distant clouds and a deep blue sky.

Orange rock, lit by subdued gray light, glows in pastel shades.

An interesting formation glows in late afternoon light, while subtle colors are cast in shadow.

A detailed closeup taken just after dawn, reveals an assortment of interesting textures.

Another detail composition, taken high up in a shaded pocket of a large fold.

Another detail shot taken under an overhang in reflected late afternoon light.

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