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This gallery has been set up in order to present an area of the southwest which had, until recently (1994), been undisturbed and unknown to all but a small handful of people. It is an area of great beauty and uniqueness, and had probably been spared from development due to both lack of knowledge and interest. Only a few curious people had ever ventured deeply into the area, and not many had ever walked more than several hundred feet out there, as the lay of the land is extremely convoluted, and is difficult to walk.
In 1972, I was introduced to the incredible natural wonders which exist in this area through a chance meeting with someone who'd lived near this area. I was immediately impressed and overwhelmed with the unique beauty of the area, as well as with the awesome silence and solitude which lay just a few hundred yards out.
For twenty-three years, at every opportunity, I walked the four miles off-road, back into this area, quickly learning how to survive in the shadeless and barren desert, taking nothing but photographs, and leaving absolutely nothing but the occasional footprint. In twenty-three years of exploring this area, I only met up with one person back there, an older gentleman, who seemed as surprised as myself as we encountered one another.
In 1994, a road was laid through the center of the area, destroying the solitude, the silence, and much of the landforms within its breadth. Huge quantities of existing rock were displaced and refilled in order to level the pathway for this new road, and whole sections of the area have been ruined forever. The road no longer follows the contours of the land, and cuts through areas which were incredibly unique and colorful, leaving piles of extra debris and remnants strewn about in its wake.
Instead of solitude and silence, one now watches motor homes and noisy tour buses making their way down the road, with video cameras peering out the windows as they speed by.
The trash and graffiti are accumulating, and it appears to take a lot more effort to get away from the rest of the world these days. Most of the visitors stay near their vehicles, and a few venture out onto the rocks; fewer hike very far into the folds, and those that do, tend to deface the rocks either intentionally or unwittingly. Some of the beauty remains, but the magic is gone.
Here then, is a selection of some of the hundreds of photographs I have taken over the years, with medium and large format equipment, carried out there in temperatures ranging from moderate to over 125 degrees.

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