119 1999 prince
102 1.2.3. o'clock (waiting) gaby lang
102 1-2-3 o'clock (waiting) DUB gaby lang
114 17 days (let the rain come down) prince
132 24 hours a day - definitive mix barbara pennington
116 8 -- 3 -- 1 lisa stansfield
119 96 tears thelma houston
119 99 and a 1/2 carol lynne townes
119 99 and a 1/2 DUB carol lynne townes
96 a better love london beat
128 a disco symphony ---> 105 camouflage
126 A E I O U sometimes Y ebn ozn
121 a letter from afar b-movie
117 a lover's holiday change
107 a mighty good feeling shirley brown
77 a noble price polo est
126 a taste of love den harrow
126 a taste of scratch den harrow
115 a time like this haywoode
131 accretions shriekback
120 action evelyn king
119 activate my heart meccano
136 addicted to the night lipps, inc
96 africa key of dreams
95 africa toto
107 after the dance is through krystol
107 after the dance is through DUB krystol
134 again and again nikki lauren
134 again and again DUB nikki lauren
133 again, a gameÖagain talk talk
120 age of reason john farnham
113 ain't no stopping us now mcfadden and whitehead
124 alisand hugh bullen
64 all in my mind maxine brown
116 all night long b.b. band
110 all night long lionel richie
118 all night passion alisha
118 all night passion Beats alisha
118 all night passion DUB alisha
103 all the night ricky maltese
127 alleys of your mind cybotron
139 alone tonightCJ rmx above and beyond
114 always there incognito feat. jocelyn brown
112 american love rose laurens
112 american love DUB rose laurens
112 american love french version (extended) rose laurens
112 american love french version (short) rose laurens
111 American Love mimic - hold me forever valerie cannon&thompson tw
122 and I you monsoon
158 angel jam and spoon
122 angel eyes lime
122 angel eyes rmx lime
124 angel man rhetta hughes
128 another chance - CJ mix roger sanchez
115 another life kano
115 another life DUB kano
113 another time ventura
110 anybody visions
101 anybody can do anything cerrone
118 are you ready latoya jackson
110 around my dream silver pozzoli
110 around my dream DUB silver pozzoli
134 as the rush comes(ArminVanBuuren-CJRmx) motorcycle
135 at the end - michael woods/CJ rmx iio
122 atom rock quando quango
111 automatic the pointer sisters
98 autumn love (future 3) electra
134 babe we're gonna love tonight lime
130 baby baby corona
78 baby come back player
98 baby doll girls can't help it
121 baby I need your loving 4 tops
115 baby talk alisha
112 back in love again L.T.D.
89 back on love cadence
124 back track cerrone
133 backstreet romance loverde
104 bad habit jenny burton
128 bad touch - CJ in bloodhound gang
124 balearic blue (Instrumental) CJ beats blank & jones
129 band of gold sylvester
120 be mine tonight promise circle
132 be my lover la bouche
103 beat of love chris thompson
126 beat the clock sparks
126 beat the clock CJ rmx sparks
118 beat the street sharon redd
118 beat the street DUB sharon redd
128 beeline miquel brown
120 belfast orbital
127 big fun shriekback
99 big in japan alphaville
82 bilingual jose nunez vs almeida
128 bilingual jose nunez, ft. taina
130 black jack baciotti
123 black leather miquel brown
122 blind vision blancmange
103 blow me red peters
122 blowin' in the wind - Disconet rmx etta james
119 blue disease vivien vee
131 blue Monday new order
116 blue room kirlian camera
135 blue savannah††† erasure
135 blue savannah CJ-MS rmx erasure
108 body heat fokewulf - 190
128 body in motion clifton dyson
120 body rock maria vidal
120 body work hotstreak
120 bolero (hold me in your arms again) fancy
119 borderline madonna
130 boy or girl eric
134 break me charade
110 break my stride matthew wilder
123 breakout kelly marie
138 breathless figures on a beach
124 bring on the love gloria jones
138 bring on the men wow
138 bring on the men DUB wow
122 bullshit grace jones
76 bump and grind denise lasalle
138 burnin' up madonna
134 burning sapphire
119 burning emotions sensitiv
134 burning with fire tapps
126 call in the night boy talk talk
77 call me kirlian camera
114 call me stevie b.
120 call me tonight destiny love
114 callas - CJ rmx vox mystica
114 callas DON'T RE-BURN, CJ RMX AVAIL vox mystica
116 calling all boys the flirts
130 can he find another double discovery
118 can we go electric mind
129 can we try again technique
129 can we try again - HT remix technique
116 can't fake the feeling geraldine hunt
110 can't get enough of your love barry white
80 can't get it out of my head electric light orchestra
107 can't hold back kano
129 can't live without you suzy
128 carry on - CJ rmx donna summer
129 catch me marcia raven
129 catch me DUB marcia raven
129 catch me/earthquake - Cjmix marsha raven/flirtations
130 caught in the act earlene bentley
124 cccan't you see vicious pink
109 chance to desire radio rama
109 change of heart change
124 changes of heart janice payson
120 chant no.1 spandau ballet
128 chasing cars - CJ's diffusion mix snow patrol
139 chasing the sun play
135 child of tomorrow kevin johnson
134 china girl david bowie
123 chinese eyes fancy
120 city boys satin
108 city lights william pitt
149 city of night rational youth
86 classic (7" version) adrian gurvitz
114 class-style linda lewis
108 close to perfection miquel brown
108 close to perfection DUB miquel brown
102 cloud 8 frazier chorus
125 collision (remixed version) sphinx
122 color my love fun fun
122 color my love Bonus Beats fun fun
122 color my love CJ rmx fun fun
122 color my love DUB fun fun
88 colour by numbers culture club
104 colour of love (massive version) snap!
121 colours tabu d'apache
132 come and get your love lime
114 come inside fancy
94 come into my life joyce sims
97 come live with me heaven 17
121 come on and do it - roy thode mix poussezl
124 come tomorrow - CJ rmx chicane
97 comet diux
131 coming out of hiding pamala stanley
131 coming out of hiding DUB pamala stanley
126 communicate kirlian camera
128 constant craving abigail
121 controversy prince
105 could it be i'm falling in love spinners
121 countdown digital mind
129 countdown kofi b and the lovetones
129 countdown DUB kofi b and the lovetones
130 countdown/this is it - medley dan hartman
130 crazy family jock hattle
130 crazy family DUB jock hattle
111 crazy for you incognito††
82 crimson and clover tommy james/shondells
104 dance hall days wang chung
113 dance in the dark heaven knows
129 dance to dance gino soccio
123 dancer gino soccio
138 dancing in heaven (orbital be bop) q feel
123 dancing in the darkness coco du jour
123 dancing in the sheets shalamar
124 dancing the night away voggue
144 dancing with tears in my eyes ultravox
117 dancing with the desperate norma lewis
130 danger the flirts
136 dangerous natalie cole
136 dangerous DUB natalie cole
108 das testaments des mabuse propaganda
126 daydream beagle music ltd.
92 daydreaming dusty springfield
124 deep love dfx
129 deep within my heart the twins
92 deliver me sarah brightman
95 deliver me the beloved
145 demolition man grace jones
136 desire paul parker
139 destiny gwen jonae
112 destiny vivien vee
118 destiny time roy
120 destiny time DUB roy
121 dial my number r. bais
124 diamond in the night felli
97 diamonds and buttermilk poi dog pondering
110 diamonds and loving arms boytronic
102 diavolo di matteo
97 diavolo - slow italian version di matteo
102 diavolo DUB di matteo
133 didnít say a word shirley lewis
70 didn't I (blow your mind this time) delfonics
130 die hard lover loverde
127 disappointed electronic
118 disco delight regina rogers
134 disco kicks boys town gang
104 do it
101 do you really want to hurt me culture club
121 do you take it (in the ass) the wet spots
131 do you wanna funk sylvester
116 doctor love first choice
126 doctor's orders carol douglas
133 doctor's orders maegan
104 doing it to death fred wesley and the JBs
63 donít mess with my man denise lasalle
130 donít stop sylvester
128 donít stop the mood
129 donít stop (the motion) digital emotion
130 donít you believe that) I'm on fire hot shot
120 don't be afraid some bizarre
120 don't be afraid DUB some bizarre
121 don't believe in love tabu d'apache
115 don't break my heart den harrow
163 don't change inxs
105 don't cry tonight - CJ rmx savage
125 don't drop my love anita ward
131 don't give up (orig) - CJrmx chicane
122 don't go lose it baby hugh masekela
122 don't go lose it baby DUB hugh masekela
124 don't leave me this way slip
118 don't leave me this way thelma houston
143 don't let go wang chung
114 don't let it go ray vista
114 don't let it go DUB ray vista
136 don't let me down again m.b.o. 99
126 don't stop motion
111 don't stop sensitive
135 don't stop the train phyllis nelson
119 don't stop til you get enough michael jackson
122 don't stop your love booker T.
61 don't take your love away mina
112 don't talk about it swan
122 don't tell me blancmange
134 don't turn around the raes
134 don't turn around quartzlock
104 don't waste your time yarbrough and peoples
134 don't you wanna know abigail
120 don't you want me human league
124 don't you want me DUB human league
120 don't you want me DUB 120 version human league
119 don't you want my love nicole
117 double cross first choice
108 dream p. lion
127 dreamer - direct hits living joy
83 drive the cars
111 driving sensitive
111 driving DUB sensitive
126 drums on fire gazuzu
144 duel propaganda
109 dust and shadow shriekback
108 dyin' to be dancin' empress
131 earthquake the flirtations
100 easy come easy go - JM-CJ remix odyssey
117 easy love vikki benson
116 eclipse kirlian camera
117 edge of the razor stephanie mills
117 edge of the razor DUB stephanie mills
124 edges kirlian camera
124 edges DUB kirlian camera
80 end of the story - CJ rmx valerie dore
123 endless road time bandits
84 endless summer nights dorothy moore
136 energize dj jp
148 epsilon eridani machineries of heaven
131 evergreen fantasia
131 everliving fever L.A.T.F.
108 every 1's a winner hot chocolate
115 everybody fuck now sissy penis factory
118 everybody needs somebody blue
136 everybody's free angel one
132 everybody's free rozalla
140 everybody's free DUB angel one
116 everything's so good about you melba moore
108 evita larry paul emmett
108 evita DUB larry paul emmett
102 expressway to your heart soul survivors
108 eye of the tiger survivor
102 eye of the tiger - orchestra, DUB survivor
86 eyes without a face billy idol
137 fable (dream version) robert miles
137 fable (message version) robert miles
130 face to face heart to heart the twins
114 fade to grey visage
66 fallin' alicia keys
124 fallin' safeway
127 false alarm marsha raven
127 false alarm DUB marsha raven
105 family tree family tree ft. sharon brown
127 fantasy hotline
128 fantasy lian ross
128 fascinated (peter rauhofer mx) suzanne palmer
132 fashion n.y. models
136 fear easy going
124 feed the flame lorraine johnson
107 feel me blancmange
115 feel the drive doctor's cat
115 feel the drive DUB doctor's cat
122 feel the need (12'' T.M.mix) detroit emeralds
122 feel the need 12'' detroit emeralds
120 feel the need 7'' detroit emeralds
119 feel the raindrops the adventures
140 feelin' good mondano
126 feelin' love (2002) soulsearcher
121 feels like I'm in love kelly marie
104 feels so real patrice rushen
94 femme fatale propaganda
120 finally ce ce peniston
127 find - andy moor remix - CJ remix ridgewalkers feat el
134 find me - feat plavka - CJ remix jam and spoon
101 fire in my heart escape from new york
143 fire in my heart madleen kane
101 fire in my heart DUB escape from new york
135 fire me up astaire
126 flashdance what a feeling irene cara
123 flashdance what a feeling DUB irene cara
125 flawless the ones
108 fly away laid back
114 fly fly polo est
122 fly me on the wings of love celi bee
75 flying felli
110 follow me karl olivas
128 follow the brightest star voyage
128 follow the brightest/in the name-CJmx voyage/sharon redd
67 foolish games jewel
118 for your love airplay
129 foreign land technos
129 foreign land DUB technos
101 forever came today the supremes
138 forever now the psychedelic furs
137 forever young alphaville
68 forever young slow version alphaville
114 forget me nots patrice rushen
123 fragile cherrelle
124 free love - new york mix voice farm
124 free love DUB voice farm
121 freedom to express yourself denise lasalle
95 friends amii stewart
126 from here to eternity hananas
126 from here to eternity DUB hananas
127 frozen madonna
85 fuck them all - single version mylene farmer
127 funky celebration queen samantha
123 funky town lipps, inc.
133 funny face romero
76 funny how time slips away dorothy moore
121 future brain den harrow
110 game above my head blancmange
96 gave my heart away gigabyte
106 gee whiz doctor's cat
113 get closer valerie dore
103 get dancin'Pt 1, 2 - SDJmix disco tex & sex-o-lettes
114 get down tonight shriekback
124 get here q ft tracy ackerman
120 get on up do it again suzy q
126 get ready xray connection
130 get the balance right depeche mode
121 get to you susan stevens
122 get up (rock your body) the 202 machine
124 get up action digital emotion
115 getting closer haywoode
119 gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight) abba
151 girl in the 80's france joli
121 girls just want to have fun cyndi lauper
124 give it - CJ's Master Mix xpress 2
116 give me action queen samantha
105 give me all - CJ rmx Frankie Knuckles chaka khan
126 give me just a little more time-XTDin angela clemmons
114 give me the night facts and fiction
119 give me tonight shannon
119 give me tonight DUB shannon
120 give me your body (LP) lime
105 give up the funk parliament
128 givin' up bobby orlando
108 giving my love janice mcClain
131 gloria laura branigan
118 glow of love change
240 go bang shriekback
122 go go gorilla gazuzu
122 go go gorilla bonus track gazuzu
122 go go gorilla DUB gazuzu
121 goodbye my love panther
121 goodbye my love DUB panther
102 goosebumps debra de jean
138 got to get to you charade
132 got you where I want you stereo fun inc
132 got you where I want you DUB stereo fun inc
102 gotta go vivien vee
126 greatest mind felli
126 greatest mind DUB felli
155 guilty classix nouveau
131 guilty hotline
125 guilty lime
131 guilty BB CJ rmx hotline
131 guilty Bonus Beats hotline
128 hand on my heart shriekback
98 hang in there baby johnny bristol
114 hang together odyssey
119 happy days north end
122 happy station fun fun
122 happy station DUB fun fun
72 hard for me to say I'm sorry chicago
115 hard way to go exciters
125 harmony suzy q
134 have a little faith in me evelyn thomas
120 have you ever heard of atlantis franky
128 haven't you heard patrice rushen
124 hea hea big ben tribe
89 heart and soul t'pau
109 heart on the line novecento
120 heart to heart sweet connection
114 heartache no. 9 delegation
125 heartbeat the psychedelic furs
128 heartbeat vivien vee
131 heartbeat heartbreak word of mouth
131 heartbeat heartbreak DUB word of mouth
136 hearts on fire hush
102 hearts on fire indra
137 hearts on fire sam harris
136 hearts on fire 12" sam harris
120 heat you up (melt you down) shirley lites
120 heat you up (melt you down) DUB shirley lites
134 heatstroke man parrish
129 heaven sarah washington
117 heaven can wait sandra
118 heaven can wait CJ rmx sandra
117 heaven in your smile the twins
147 heaven is waiting danse society
131 heaven on earth nathalie
115 heigh ho fabian nesti
115 heigh ho DUB fabian nesti
84 here with me dido
116 heroes big ben tribe
116 heroes DUB big ben tribe
122 he's not available denise lasalle
126 hey hey guy ken laszlo
126 hey hey guy DUB ken laszlo
113 hey hey hey florence
91 hide and seek howard jones
124 high energy evelyn thomas
124 high energy DUB evelyn thomas
120 high on your love debby jacobs
120 high or low panther
120 high or low DUB panther
138 high sex drive dolmann
116 high time person to person
118 higher vivien vee
128 hills of katmandu - patrick cowley rmx tantra
110 hit and run loleatta holloway
122 hit and run lover carol jiani
106 hold me now thompson twins
125 hold me tight b.b. & band
113 hold me tight (tonight) night society
113 hold me tight (tonight) DUB night society
140 hold me tonight angel one
128 hold on to my love - dub+vocal mix jimmy ruffin
128 Hold On To My Love mimic - reach out jimmy james
68 hold on to the night bobbi walker
116 hold tight change
120 holding on working week
150 holding out for a hero bonny tyler
135 holding you - CJ rmx ally and jo
105 holy ghost the bar kays
121 hot blood love connection
109 hot buttered boogie tasha thomas
121 hot for you n.y. models
131 hot leather the passengers
121 hot stuff - CJ xtd mix donna summer
72 how 'bout us champaign
133 how can you make me) feel better special touch
100 how much I feel alibi
112 how old are you miko mission
112 how old are you DUB miko mission
115 how's your love life baby jackie moore
103 hubris shriekback
127 hungry like the wolf duran duran
106 hunter and the hunted simple minds
126 hurricane kim carnes
126 hurricane DUB kim carnes
130 I am alive safir
130 I am what I am gloria gaynor
130 I am what I am - CJ intro gloria gaynor
130 I am what I am - HT remix gloria gaynor
130 I am what I am DUB gloria gaynor
136 I believe in dreams - 136 version CJ remix jackie rawe
145 I believe in dreams CJ remix jackie rawe
113 I can dream about you dan hartman
113 I can dream about you DUB dan hartman
157 I can fly blue ocean cult
141 I can fly - disconet rmx rainey
157 I can fly DUB blue ocean cult
123 I can hear your heart beat chris rea
112 I can't let you go haywoode
112 I can't let you go DUB haywoode
140 I circle howard
122 I didn't know what time it was the crampton sisters
117 I don't believe carol kane
133 I don't know what I'd do - CJ rmx indigo
130 I don't remember - CJ remix verago
124 I don't wanna lose you lime
60 I don't want to toni braxton
125 I feel for you chaka khan
129 I feel love - 12'' donna summer
129 I feel love (patrick cowley megamix) donna summer
152 I get the message men without hats
125 I got the feeling two tons of fun
40 I had a talk with my man last night inez foxx
113 I hear music in the streets unlimited touch
81 I hope you dance oleta adams
122 I just keep thinking about you tata vega
122 I just keep thinking about you-LP tata vega
134 I just wanna fucking dance jerry springer the opera
130 I just) died in your arms - bootleg mix cutting crew
125 I know that mood shooting party
108 I know there's something going on frida
109 I like chopin gazebo
121 I like you phyllis nelson
125 I love men eartha kitt
126 I love the night in new york city nightlife unlimited
125 I love the nightlife alicia bridges
116 I love the piano claudio simonetti
116 I love the piano DUB claudio simonetti
120 I love you electrot'ete
105 I love you more rene & angela
135 I may not be there when you want me loleatta holloway
76 I miss you haddaway
121 I need love kano
106 I need you the pointer sisters
124 I never dance crysalis
140 I ran a flock of seagulls
114 I specialize in love sharon brown
95 I still remember transzone
95 I still remember DUB transzone
111 I surrender voyage
158 I sweat nona hendryx
126 I thought I would never find love ruby wilson
117 I wanna fly away blue russell
129 I wanna fuck you in the ass outhere brothers
131 I wanna take you home patrick cowley
135 I want a man bonnie forman
135 I want a man - extended mix bonnie forman
81 I want to know what love is foreigner
81 I want to know what love is london symphony orchestra
80 I want to know what love is new jersey mass choir
140 I want to know what love is - CJ rmx wynonna judd
115 I want toÖ jules
115 I want you, you want me (funkymx) starpoint
115 I want you, you want me (funkymx)DUB starpoint
115 I want you, you want me (smooth mx) starpoint
99 I was not the best woman denise lasalle
126 I will always love you sarah washington
111 I wish you would jocelyn brown
87 I won't be lonely tonight zucchero
121 I won't change you sophie ellis bextor
107 I won't let you down PhD
108 I.C. love affair gaznevada
112 ice cold love madigan
109 if I can't have you - CJ xtd mix yvonne elliman
98 if it don't fit, don't force it kellee patterson
112 if you leave me now shirley ross
66 if you're not back in love by Monday millie jackson
110 I'll be good rene & angela
92 I'll be there jackson 5
86 I'll find my way home jon & vangelis
121 I'm alive american fade
121 I'm alive(let's move on)-DanceSingRmx american fade
121 I'm alive(let's move on)DUB-DanceSingRmx american fade
110 I'm caught up in a one night love affair inner life ft joc. brown
117 I'm doin' fine now baby - CJ rmx new york city
125 I'm gonna get your love jade
152 I'm gonna make you want me modern rocketry
114 I'm in love evelyn king
103 I'm in the mood - CJ in ce ce peniston
129 I'm living my own life earlene bentley
102 I'm not over you ce ce peniston
133 I'm on fire kelly marie
183 i'm so excited (12'') the pointer sisters
183 i'm so excited (radio) the pointer sisters
114 I'm so hurt cora
116 I'm specialized in you time bandits
137 I'm the one charade
113 imagination avenue
139 in my mind play
130 in private dusty springfield
130 in private DUB dusty springfield
125 in the evening sheryl lee ralph
125 in the evening DUB sheryl lee ralph
122 in the forest baby o
87 in the heat of the night imagination
87 in the heat of the nightDUB imagination
140 in the name of love astaire
128 in the name of love sharon redd
130 in the name of love - DUB - CJ rmx sharon redd
100 in the night max coveri
105 in the river I level
105 in the river DUB I level
104 in this world moby
124 in your eyes roxana
88 in your wildest dreams tina turner & barry white
132 incense and peppermints CJ rmx strawberry alarm clock
116 inside of me sam harris
136 inside out peter griffin
113 inside out - 12" odyssey
136 inside out - CJ's xtd mix culture beat
112 inside out (anti-pop mix) electribe 101
130 interview rooms kajagoogoo
130 into the fire hitlist
94 into the groove mina
124 into the night - disconet carol hahn
106 intoxication shriekback
118 is it love you're after rose royce
102 islands in the stream dolly parton & kenny rogers
126 it should havebeen me jayne edwards
93 it should havebeen me yvonne fair
126 it should havebeen me - CJ remix jayne edwards
118 it should have been you gwen guthrie
115 it's all right karl olivas
115 It's alright (DUB) karl olivas
77 it's gone now wanda walden
127 it's my life (import) talk talk
127 it's my life (US 12'') talk talk
119 it's my time jeanie tracy
117 it's on you m.c. sar & the real mccoy
120 it's over alma faye
137 it's raining men the weather girls
114 it's your night raydio
93 it's your thing the isley brothers
126 ivory tower - instrumental giorgio moroder
104 jack and jill raydio
115 japanese war game koto
128 jealous love hazell dean
106 jive talking bee gees
135 jump†† the pointer sisters
135 jump CJ rmx the pointer sisters
135 jump DUB the pointer sisters
130 jump shout lisa
112 junge roamer falco
101 jungle fever kinkina
136 jungle in my heart chou project
112 just a story mike rogers
105 just an illusion imagination
134 just another broken heart dorothy moore
134 just another broken heart - DUB dorothy moore
104 just be good to me the sos band
104 just be good to me DUB the sos band
139 just can't help believing boys town gang
139 just can't help believing - side 2 mix boys town gang
116 just for me vivien vee
113 just not enough (can't get enough DUB) barry white
124 kasso (instrumental) kasso
126 keep on†† marcel pane
106 keep on living oxo
121 keep on rockin hemyl
138 keep on talking carrie la porte
118 keep on walkin' ce ce peniston
130 keep the fire burning gwen mc crae
78 kiss like ether claudia bruken
85 la la means I love you delfonics
107 la nuit pour nous (the time is right) - instru. cristal
88 la vie en rose - unreleased teresa waiter
89 lady in the street denise lasalle
100 lancelot valerie dore
105 last summer wish key
61 late night grande hotel nancy griffith
133 lay all your love on me abba
133 lay all your love on me-disconet abba
128 lay your hands on love sesto senso
102 lay your hands on me thompson twins
120 leave in silence depeche mode
105 leave it yes
124 les mots (mixman mike's OE mx) CJ rmx mylene farmer
62 les mots (strings for soul mix) mylene farmer & seal
127 let it loose chris rea
132 let me feel it samantha gilles
109 let me go heaven 17
116 let the music play shannon
116 let the music play DUB shannon
120 let the night take the blame lorraine mckane
114 let us dance just (very very late v.) secret service
114 let us dance just ... (early version) secret service
114 let us dance just a little bit more secret service
123 let's get started voyage
167 let's have a party wanda jackson
126 let's make it valerie allington
105 lets stay together tina turner
121 let's work prince
116 letter from my heart steve allen
112 lick it before you stick it denise lasalle
124 life is the reason norma lewis
92 life's what you make it talk talk
122 lift-off patrick cowley
135 like a waterfall - CJ rmx solarstone & jes
132 lined up shriekback
132 lined up DUB shriekback
120 live it up time bandits
136 livin' for the weekend dina carroll
94 living in the jungle john tropea
128 living inside me data
117 living on the ceiling blancmange
132 living on video trans-x
91 living with passion moral support
132 long after tonight (is all over) true_
87 long hot summer style council
105 look me in the heart tina turner
128 look on the floor - solasso/CJ rmx bananarama
110 looking at midnight imagination
123 looking for love CJ rmx september
101 looking for someone to love tonight technique
119 lose your love blancmange
130 losing my religion abigail
122 lost again CJ rmx yello
116 lost in music sister sledge
98 lost in the night costos charitodiplomenos
120 lost inside your love ten tigers
130 love and desire arpeggio
102 love and devotion real mcCoy
119 love attack norma jean wright
123 love buzz voggue
104 love child the supremes
116 love come down evelyn king
124 love dance vision
131 love dancin' marlena shaw
86 love don't live here anymore jimmy nail
116 love don't you go through no changes sister sledge
124 love fever shirley brown
129 love glove visage
116 love hangover (Instrumental) touch
119 love honey - larry levan mix man Friday
118 love how you feel sharon redd
118 love how you feel DUB sharon redd
122 love in motion 1000 ohm
131 love in the shadows e.g. daily
131 love in the shadows DUB e.g. daily
182 love is a battlefield pat benatar
122 love is a stranger eurythmics
148 love is forever hot cargo
114 love is here and now you're gone the supremes
129 love is on the line paul parker
119 love is the drug roni griffith
120 love is the groove betsy cook
113 love is the message - long version mfsb
116 love is the reason time
127 love is to love a lover's love hot shot
102 love isÖ thoty
98 love light jerney
119 love line shawn jackson
146 love maker kim lamour
127 love me now live movies
111 love me right melba moore
125 love my way the psychedelic furs
82 love of my own 12'' thomas anders
128 love on my mind - CJ mix freemasons ft amanda wilson
135 love on the run (orig) CJrmx chicane
131 love on video n.y. models
122 love pains yvonne elliman
123 love resurrection alison moyet
117 love sensation loleatta holloway
132 love system the twins
132 love taker stefano pulga
132 love taker - Italian version stefano pulga
132 love taker DUB stefano pulga
139 love trap astaire
139 love trap DUB astaire
103 love you all my lifetime chaka khan
117 love you madly candela
128 lover to lover joe yellow
128 lover to lover DUB joe yellow
130 love's got a hold on my heart steps
96 love's theme/under the influence love unlimited
114 loving just for fun kelly marie
131 macarthur park suite donna summer
98 mad desire den harrow
131 magic man wow
134 magic night CJ's magic rmx zara thustra
75 magic rain valerie dore
125 magical body los angeles t.f.
125 magical body DUB los angeles t.f.
118 magical symphony blue system
163 major tom (coming home) peter schilling
163 major tom (coming home) DUB peter schilling
116 make ends meet den harrow
123 make my love shawn christopher
123 make my love - CJ remix shawn christopher
124 make my love - direct hits paul goodyear shawn christopher
116 make that move shalamar
121 man size love klymaxx
121 man size love DUB klymaxx
116 mandrill patrick colby
128 master and servant depeche mode
123 masterpiece gazebo
123 masterpiece DUB gazebo
111 may the funk be with you denise lasalle
128 maybe - CJ rmx emma bunton
47 maybe it was magic agnetha fltskog
73 meet me halfway latoya london
128 megatron man patrick cowley
128 megatron man - percussion DUB patrick cowley
110 memories rose
128 memories - CJ rmx jeanie tracy
60 memory barbara streisand
131 memory menage
131 memory DUB menage
128 menergy patrick cowley
106 midnight music stevie b.
106 midnight music DUB stevie b.
109 mighty love - LP spinners
111 mind gamesCJ intro jo jo
128 mind warp patrick cowley
122 miss you styloo
58 misty blue dorothy moore
80 move closer phyllis nelson
123 move your body - Hot Tracks east india company
114 movin' on - CJ rmx novecento
125 moving on up m people
117 murder on the dance floor sophie ellis bextor
117 murder on the dance floor XTD - CJ rmx sophie ellis bextor
116 music colours Pt1+ Pt2 cellophane
123 music in the night solid strangers
99 my army of lovers army of lovers
131 my baby's baby liquid gold
128 my foolish friend talk talk
130 my forbidden lover tapps
87 my frames amin peck
96 my love is for real ofra haza
121 my love is right champaign
116 my male curiousity kid creole and the coconuts
134 my man is a sweet man millie jackson
105 my mind twilight
116 na na hey hey kiss him goodbye steam
120 naked and sacred chynna phillips
119 nasty girl vanity 6
164 nasty little green men classix nouveau
127 native love divine
114 neon lover buelo aris
126 never can say goodbye gloria gaynor
113 never give you up sharon redd
113 never give you up DUB sharon redd
113 never knew love like this before stephanie mills
114 never let go eastbound expressway
110 never miss the water chaka khan
100 never needed you anyway delores hall
139 new days new ways the twins
120 new dimension imagination
123 new gold dream - german 12'' rmx simple minds
113 new song howard jones
131 new york at night kelly marie
101 new york new york nina hagen
112 new york new york (theme from) frank sinatra
130 new york times nancy costa
112 night driver stig wolleck
111 night fever (hot tracks remix) bee gees
108 night sky rose laurens
144 nightline randy crawford
144 nightline DUB randy crawford
111 nights over egypt the jones girls
130 nineteen ninety three lama
130 nineteen ninety three - CJ xtd out lama
71 no expectations odetta
118 no frills love jennifer holiday
112 no man is an island warp 9
112 no man is an island DUB warp 9
89 no matter what sign you are the supremes
131 no more words berlin
121 no promises (45) CJ intro icehouse
115 no promises (long version) icehouse
128 no rhyme no reason atelier folie
128 no rhyme no reason DUB atalier folie
124 nobody's wrong lorraine johnson
138 northern star (12'') CJ rmx kyau vs albert
122 not love trilogy
122 not love DUB trilogy
131 not over yet grace
131 not over yet - CJ rmx grace
128 not the loving kind the twins
128 not the loving kind DUB the twins
116 nothing frazier chorus
130 nothing worse than being alone velvette
96 nothing's gonna stop us now starship
166 nowhere fast fire, inc.
131 nuclear love annie g.
121 number two in love nancy martinez
79 of course I'm lying yello
130 offshore '97 - CJrmx chicane
131 oh yeah (12'') yello
122 old night flight gianco
117 on target the jones girls
122 on the beat d.f. and pam
118 on the beat DUB d.f. and pam
127 on the grid (canadian mix 12") lime
127 on the grid (LP) lime
133 on the road to mandalay harlow
96 once in a lifetime gregorian
132 one christmas catalogue captain sensible
77 one day I'll fly away randy crawford
105 one goodbye in ten shara nelson
120 one more shot c-bank
90 one of a kind love affair spinners
125 one perfect day little river band
134 one shot lover venus
134 one shot lover DUB venus
142 one small day ultravox
104 only a fool time bandits
122 only music survives alba
122 only music survives - the 'b' side alba
109 only you savage
111 ooh to be ah kajagoogoo
125 open up your mind - parade mix eyes cream
125 open your heart m people
118 operator midnight star
70 ordinary world duran duran
122 our house madness
122 our house DUB madness
126 our lips are sealed fun boy three
118 out of control evelyn king
150 out of control sam harris
138 outside - CJ rmx kyau vs albert
98 outside in candi staton
128 over and over disco circus
128 over and over DUB disco circus
127 over my head toni basil
127 over my head DUB toni basil
116 overpower den harrow
118 pale shelter tears for fears
113 pardon me mister rita hart
113 pardon me mister DUB rita hart
132 party julius brown
130 party the weather girls
126 party boys foxy
132 party DUB julius brown
125 passion gat dťcor
114 passion and pain barbara roy
123 patience (razormaid) celebrate the nun
128 penthouse and pavement heaven 17
128 penthouse and pavement 12" heaven 17
128 penthouse and pavement DUB heaven 17
122 people hold on (N.J. Mix) lisa stansfield
47 perfect day lou reed
152 pick up the phone f. r. david
108 pillow talk sylvia
118 pilot error stephanie mills
133 playing for time madleen kane
107 please don't go CJ rmx digital game
60 please please please let me get what I want the dream academy
127 pleasure from the bass tiga
125 point of no return expose
109 point of no return nu shooz
119 polaris (club mix) cyber people
115 ponger star vision
116 pretty ballerina left banke
120 pretty face styloo
120 pretty face DUB styloo
127 pretty mess vanity
118 promise of love - CJ mix karl otto
118 promise of love DUB karl otto
130 proud (illicit mix) - CJ's take heather small
108 pull up to the bumper grace jones
111 put a little love on me delegation
119 put your body in it stephanie mills
133 queen of the night - CJ remix bodywork
121 queen of witches kano
137 radio action claudja barry
128 rapture - Armin Van Buuren - CJ remix iio
127 ray of light madonna
124 ready or not cat miller
124 ready or not DUB cat miller
132 reap the wild wind ultravox
146 red movies play
137 red skies - CJ mix chicane
130 reflections evelyn thomas
100 reflections the supremes
134 reincarnation people like us
115 relax captain sensible
116 relax frankie goes to hollywood
116 relax DUB frankie goes to hollywood
126 remember gino soccio
120 requiem london boys
114 respect aretha franklin
98 rhapsody passengers
98 rhapsody DUB passengers
88 rhythm of life oleta adams
115 rhythm of the night debarge
125 rhythm of the street patti austin
120 ride away roy orbison
125 ride my bike nove
136 right by the moon k. barre
122 right on target paul parker
121 right on time black box
56 right place right time denise lasalle & latimore
126 ring my bell anita ward
128 rise up sunkids
131 ritespot blueprint
131 ritespot DUB blueprint
104 rock steady aretha franklin
118 rock steady jenny burton
118 rock steady DUB jenny burton
115 rock the boat forrest
108 rock the boat hues corporation
108 rock the boat CJ intro hues corporation
97 rock to rock citispeak
104 rock your baby george mccrae
136 rocket to your heart lisa
102 rockin' back inside my heart julee cruise
84 rosanna toto
114 roses haywoode
101 round and round jaki graham
129 rsvp james & susan wells
135 run away real mcCoy ft. m.c. sar
121 run for your life style
117 run to me - CJ remix candi staton
140 runaway - Ford- CJ remix iio
136 runaway (with my love) tapps
105 runaway love - MAW mix linda clifford
100 runaway love - slower version linda clifford
120 running information society
115 running straight amin peck
96 sadness - mixmod by cj enigma
86 sahara sand otto mix
131 saltwater - CJ rmx chicane
128 satellite - CJ in the beloved
120 satellites christopher street
109 Saturday night Sunday morning thelma houston
112 save our love escape from new york
133 save your love for me space
134 save yourself for me dee dee martin/charade
137 say it again santana
109 say you'll never lian ross
130 searchin' (ian levine remix) hazell dean
130 searchin' (original) hazell dean
130 searchin' DUB hazell dean
100 secret madonna
108 self control laura branigan
108 self control raff
131 send me an angel real life
137 send my heart (extended, was special mix) adventures
67 september morn' amii stewart & randy crawford
99 set adrift on memory bliss of you pm dawn
104 set me free jaki graham
132 set me free) remotivate me depeche mode
197 sexuality prince
126 shadow of your heart risque
126 shadow of your heart DUB risque
129 shake em down soul of man
105 shake it right six sed red
101 shake that ass - CJ rmx the love makers
115 shaking lovers webo
148 shakti monsoon
116 shame, shame, shame dynamic seven
118 shark walk shriekback
136 she works hard for the money donna summer
131 she's a machine visage
81 she's my baby zucchero
114 shine frida
92 shine a light chris c.
72 shine on L.T.D.
100 shine on dance carrara
100 shine on dance - XTD carrara
125 shine on silver moon marilyn mc'coo & billy davis jr
130 shockwave david knopfler
132 shoot your shot divine
128 shot in the night paul parker
138 shout (parts 1 & 2) the isley brothers
135 show me - CJ-TE rmx ofra haza
120 show me love (stonebridge mx) robin s
123 sight for sore eyes m people
124 silent smiles anthony's games
126 sing your own song jeanie tracy
120 situation yazoo
120 situation - DUB yazoo
135 sky high newton
97 slave to the rhythm grace jones
109 sleepwalking canton
121 slice me nice fancy
124 slow flight trophy
111 slow hand the pointer sisters
124 smack dab in the middle janice mcclain
136 smalltown boy bronski beat
135 smooth - CJ's airbase rmx iio
120 smooth - razormaid cabaret voltaire
130 so many men miquel brown
115 soft and wet prince
140 solitaire laura branigan
104 some kind of heaven bbg
103 somebody else's guy jocelyn brown
113 somebody up there likes you simple minds
98 someday (bbg fundamental mix) pepsi & shirley
122 someday (sasha's full tension mix) m people
107 someday we'll be together the supremes
140 something lasgo
111 sometimes - CJ rmx erasure
121 sometimes (future mix) max q
134 sometimes when we touch newton
40 somewhere tom waits
153 somewhere in the city phyllis nelson
95 song from the love dance mystic diversions
154 sos, fire in my heart kenny masters
112 soul man sam and dave
116 sound again twilight
129 sound of my heart sleeping lions
129 sound of my heart DUB sleeping lions
139 sounds in the night geraldine cordeau
128 souvenirs voyage
142 space age love song a flock of seagulls
131 space lover CJ remix XTD space lover
123 spacer woman charlie
99 special agent man gaznevada
126 spirit in the sky norman greenbaum
122 spook (magimix) new order
156 spring in fialta slow children
125 square rooms al corley
111 st. elmo's fire (man in motion) john parr
108 standing right here melba moore
120 star to fall - CJ's Starwalker Mix boy meets girl
126 stardancer II klaus schulze
97 starlight risque
95 state of independence moodswings
124 state of independence sao benitez
110 state of love imagination
120 stay dreamhouse
108 stay with me sign system
41 stay with me baby lorraine ellison
121 stay with me tonight jeffrey osborne
103 stayin' alive - 12" bee gees
123 step by step silver pozzoli
123 steppin' out digital emotion
157 steppin' out joe jackson
62 still shirley bassey
130 stoned in love - CJ rmx chicane
96 stop(''79) bob a rela
99 stop ou encore plastic bertrand
145 stop this rumour spelt like this
132 stormy weather viola wills
133 strange day for dancing moral support
133 strange desire nicci gable
114 stranger in a strange land n.o.i.a.
104 streetlife crusaders ft. randy crawford
109 strength to dream propaganda
109 strength to dream CJ Full Remix propaganda
118 strike it up - CJ mix black box
129 strong in love - orig - CJ mix chicane
112 such a lonely night (I'm crazy to leave you) william pitt
116 such a shame (import 12'' mix) talk talk
116 such a shame (import 7'' mix) talk talk
116 such a shame (US 12'' mix) talk talk
116 such a shame CJ remix talk talk
120 suddenly last summer the motels
120 sugar don't bite sam harris
123 sultana taracco
112 summing up electric mind
120 sun rising the beloved
117 sure shot - larry levan mix tracy weber
104 surround me w/your love - cj rmx 3-11 porter
102 sweet harmony the beloved
85 sword inside the heart XTD intro valerie dore
114 T.S.O.P. mfsb
143 tainted love soft cell
124 take a chance material
130 take a chance on me waterfront home
130 take a chance on me DUB waterfront home
125 take it up lime
96 take me higher stefano pulga
137 take me to heaven - ian levine rmx sylvester
121 take me to paradise kelly marie
130 take my heart joe yellow
130 take my heart DUB joe yellow
126 take off harlow
113 take the L the motels
101 take the love r.bais
120 takin' it straight cori josias
120 takin' it straight DUB cori josias
131 talk about phaeax
110 talk amongst yourselves - CJ-Sasha rmx grand national
135 talk talk talk talk
140 telefone (long distance love affair) sharon easton
111 telegraph your love the pointer sisters
139 telephone man meri wilson
178 tell him exciters
131 tell it to my heart extravagance
126 tell the world carol williams
131 temptation heaven 17
119 temptedCJ remix waterlillies
117 thanks to you sinnamon
123 that special magic b.b. and band
141 that's love that it is blancmange
110 that's the way I like it dead or alive
110 that's the wayDUB (keep that body strong) dead or alive
95 the ballad of) lone ranger chris keane
124 the beast in me silence 2
124 the beast in me DUB silence 2
124 the beast in me Short-DUB silence 2
128 the best part of) breaking up roni griffith
130 the boys come to town earlene bentley
130 the boys come to town DUB earlene bentley
134 the break katmandu
96 the captain of her heart double
115 the day before you came blancmange
134 the desert place the twins
134 the desert place HT rmx the twins
120 the different story peter schilling
120 the different story cj rmx peter schilling
113 the dominatrix sleeps - bonus beats dominatrix
113 the dominatrix sleeps tonight dominatrix
122 the fire of love - CJ in gentle touch
99 the first time cheryl alexander
114 the game of chance the twins
123 the ghost in you the psychedelic furs
96 the gift gregorian
128 the girls are back in town risque
120 the heart of the city chris luis
91 the house that jack built aretha franklin
124 the killing moon echo and the bunnymen
118 the last wall alan ross
118 the last wall - DUB alan ross
127 the man's so real mimi
127 the man's so real DUB mimi
130 the moon solo
140 the more you live, the more you love a flock of seagulls
121 the never ending story limahl
135 the next in line DUB eric roberts
134 the night azul y negro
112 the night valerie dore
110 the night DUB valerie dore
47 the only time you ever say you love me dorothy moore
113 the only way out cliff richards
102 the other side of love evelyn king
80 the perfect lie - CJ rmx the engine room
62 the power of love frankie goes to hollywood
130 the power of love astaire
130 the power of love DUB astaire
117 the promise (O N mix) when in rome
116 the real thing (long version) daddy dewdrop
124 the rhythm of the night corona
101 the rubberband man spinners
104 the safety dance men without hats
112 the second time around shalamar
144 the shape of things to come head boys
112 the shining path shriekback
135 the sound of e ultrashock
142 the sound of goodbye perpetuous dreamer
126 the sun always shines on tv a-ha
126 the sun always shines on tv - CJ intro a-ha
126 the sun always shines on tv DUB a-ha
126 the tennessee waltz silver blue
124 the ultimate warlord the immortals
140 the upstroke - naughty mix agents aren't aeroplanes
133 the upstroke - orig agents aren't aeroplanes
139 the visitors gino soccio
131 the visitors CJ's Big Mixdown abba
131 the visitors HT remix abba
115 the voice of q q
116 the world is you miko mission
143 these memories oh romeo
109 think aretha franklin
122 this bell was made for ringing denise lasalle
70 this could be heaven mylene farmer & seal
120 this is it melba moore
107 this is it millie jackson
130 this is it gioia
134 this is love susan stevens
107 this is your life banderas
126 this time baby jackie moore
124 this time baby DUB jackie moore
131 thunder and lightning risque
131 thunder and lightning DUB risque
80 tighter and tighter CJ rmx alive and kicking
84 til midnight evelyn king
84 time after time the beloved
130 time bomb angie gold
128 time bomb jeanie tracy
122 time for changes faxe
121 time to fly kenny masters
125 to be or not to be jock hattle
124 to deserve you bette midler
91 to love somebody bee gees
99 to sir with love lulu
120 to the rock groove karen jones
153 today talk talk
120 together lime
130 together in electric dreams giorgio moroder
130 together in electric dreams DUB giorgio moroder
123 tomorrow DUB the new company
123 tomorrow xtd intro the new company
122 tonight ken laszlo
120 tonight valentino
131 tonight cj intro betty gold
131 tonight CJ's All Night Mix betty gold
142 tonight is what it means to be young fire, inc.
142 tonight is what it/holding out-CJmx fire, inc./bonny tyler
122 too late sylvester
100 too shy limahl
65 total eclipse of the heart bonnie tyler
136 total eclipse of the heart nicki french
146 touch and go lover carol jiani
122 touch in the night silent circle
122 touch in the night DUB silent circle
118 touch me cathy dennis
133 touch me digilove
130 touch me in the morning marlena shaw
117 touch me where it's hot erotic drum band
115 touched - CJ remix ventura
131 trading love florence
120 tragedy and mystery china crisis
112 trance dance betty lavette
125 traveling - earth version avalanche
125 traveling - space version avalanche
78 treat your man like a baby denise lasalle
116 triangle quando quango
145 trippin' on the moon cerrone
145 trippin' on the moon CJ remix cerrone
112 tripping among the stars space patrol
98 true (extended intro) spandau ballet
117 true faith CJ remix new order
64 try again - CJ in champaign
116 try my love denise lasalle
141 trying it on - CJ club rmx richie
141 trying it on - CJ xtd rmx richie
126 turn it around gino soccio
100 turn me on a certain ratio
125 turn me out-CJ's freemasons mix dirty old ann
129 turn the beat around gloria estefan
110 turn your back on me kajagoogoo
109 two for love miko mission
128 under the cover of darkness alicia bridges
128 under the cover of darkness DUB alicia bridges
105 under the lights shriekback
137 undercover lover debbie jacobs
113 unfinished sympathy massive
128 useless man minty
103 valentino DUB hiroka murata
138 velvet morning - CJ rmx kyau vs albert
131 victim of love charade
135 visage visage
120 visions in the mirror control d
121 void vision cyber people
110 void vision - slow version cyber people
135 vulcano marzio
133 waiting for a train moonbase
131 waiting for a train DUB moonbase
141 wake dream lime
128 walk away (rosario mix) kelly clarkson
117 walk away renee left banke
114 walk the night (not used) skatt bros.
114 walk the night XTD intro skatt bros.
109 walkin' dhuo
106 walkin'DUB dhuo
128 walking alone - girls version (Voc) quincy
128 walking alone (boys version) quincy
119 walking away information society
131 walking in the rain grace jones
116 walking on sunshine rocker's revenge
133 walking through landmines robert ellis orrall
122 wanna be startin' somethin' michael jackson
122 wanna be startin' somethin' DUB michael jackson
111 wanna feel vivien vee
115 was that all it was (larry levan mix) jean carne
118 watch out (durium's rmx) doctor's cat
117 watch the closing doors IRT
117 watch the closing doors DUB IRT
115 watch your step big foot
98 watching you thompson twins
116 waves blancmange
114 we are family sister sledge
130 we are invincible 501's
130 we are invincible DUB 501's
127 we can fall in love aderna
127 we can fall in love DUB aderna
121 we walked in love dollar
115 welcome to the pleasure dome frankie goes to hollywood
104 west end girls east 17
114 what about this love mr. fingers
114 what about this love DUB mr. fingers
110 what are you gonna do with it betty wright
98 what becomes of the broken hearted jimmy ruffin
124 what is love haddaway
124 what is love CJ remix haddaway
119 whatever whenever (attaboy mx) groove armada
100 what's going on marvin gaye
98 what's love got to do with it? tina turner
118 what's on your mind - CJ in information society
65 when a man loves a woman percy sledge
127 when doves cry prince
127 when I hear music debbie deb
127 when I hear music DUB debbie deb
129 when the fuel runs out--- Not Rec chuck jackson
100 when the night closes in secret service
122 when the shit hits the fan - CJ mix master boogie's song&dance
126 when will I see you again magda layna
120 when will I see you again the three degrees
126 when will I see you again (elevator mix) magda layna
126 when will I see you again DUB magda layna
106 when your heart is weak - XTD cock robin
137 where are you now cerrone
158 where do the boys go men without hats
118 where is my man eartha kitt
118 where is my man - HT rmx eartha kitt
118 where were you last night ankie bagger
85 white flag dido
135 white light john o'banion
149 white wedding billy idol
120 who is he and what is he to you creative source
94 whole again--- Not Rec atomic kitten
94 whole again CJ rmx--- Not Rec atomic kitten
130 whoosh, what a rush! charmaigne††
136 who's your boyfriend eric
136 who's your boyfriend DUB eric
138 why bronski beat
126 why can the bodies fly - CJ intro warning
64 why me god (everybody's fucking but me) durwood douche
120 wicked game - CJ rmx paul parker
63 wind beneath my wings bette midler
152 window a flock of seagulls
84 wings of the dawn monsoon
125 wishful thinking china crisis
120 wishing (if I had a photograph of you) 5m a flock of seagulls
120 wishing (if I had a photograph of you) 9m a flock of seagulls
112 with all my might sparks
138 without your love cut glass
116 woman mirage
108 won't you help me yanguru
140 world x angela dean
137 yellow pearl philip lynott
120 you and me avenue
120 you and me DUB avenue
72 you are everything stylistics
110 you are in my system system
130 you are the music roman holiday
115 you brought the joy CJ rmx freda payne
122 you can madleen kane
106 you can count on me jaki graham
127 you gonna want me tiga
80 you got me thinking the beloved
112 you got the love the source ft candi staton
117 you know how to love me - disco version (7:45) phyllis hyman
117 you know how to love me (6:07) phyllis hyman
82 you might need somebody randy crawford
130 you said) you'd gimme me some more k.c. and the sunshine band
120 you see helicon
138 you set me free - CJ rmx abigail
106 you sexy thing hot chocolate
124 you should be dancing 12'' - CJ in bee gees
131 you spin me round 2003 - mark moore rmx dead or alive
98 you'll never know hi-gloss
112 your heart keeps burning blind date
120 your life konk
139 your love lime
121 your love still brings me to my knees marcia hines
111 your personal touch evelyn king
92 your way to india sandra
109 you're my occupation chaz jankel
120 you're the one katie kissoon
111 you're the one little sister
120 you're the one DUB katie kissoon
80 you've got me thinking ft. neneh cherry the beloved
80 you've got me tripping ft. neneh cherry the beloved
115 zorro my mine
115 zorro DUB my mine
118 zulu the quick
118 zuluDUB the quick