CJ pix

Taken on 1 Jan 2011...
So there.

 Kaura live at the Haight Street Fair, San Francisco 14 June '09

Exposing the bridge to more film - large format (4x5) camera, April'09

What I was seeing thru the lens...

The TantraSF music float at Lovefest in San Francisco, 4 October'08

100,000 dancing kids!
The parade featuring 28 music floats started at San Francisco's 2nd and Market Streets
and continued all the way to Civic Center Plaza for a giant outdoor dance club with the area's top DJs
to celebrate at this free all-ages event.

Liam begins his set

looking over the decks

getting into it

view from top of the speakers

rockin' out

down in front

CJ and Pascal discussing how to get
the 14-year-old girls off the speakers

from top of the speakers

CJ at Burning Man Decompression SF, 12 October'08

Liam and CJ, photo shoot - Oakland, 31 August'08

CJ, Liam, Ganesh

Liam at d'wall


stairway to heaven

Liam and the Buddha

The Wall

The Photographer


At Remember-The-Party#6, 9 Oct, 07, San Francisco

JohnnyCB, CJ, Joe, Richard, Evan, and Barry

Pix of my LA-based friends at the Getty Villa, Malibu, CA
29 July 07

Pic 1All together in front of the lilly pad pool - Richard, Alecia, Rob, Cal, Kay Ling, DJ (sitting)

pic 2 DJ and Rob discuss jumping into the lilly pad pool

pic 3 Several of us, wandering through the herb garden, late afternoon

CJ and friends in the chill room at Koinonea's 10th Anniversary
celebration, 3 June 07, San Francisco

Burningman 2006 pix!!!

Pic 1Deborah and CJ at the Temple Saturday morning

pic 2 CJ at the Opulent Temple sound system

Pix of the DTTM'rs at Remember The Party #5

8 Oct 06.

pic 1
JohnnyCB, Richard, Basil, CJ, Evz
pic 2
Richard, Chris, CJ

Pic of CJ and DJ at the Getty Museum

overlooking Los Angeles on 13 August 06.

Pix of CJ at 2547 feet at the top of Mt. Tam

overlooking the Bay Area, on 16 June 06.

pic 1 pic 2

Pix of CJ and DJ at 1500 feet in the San Gabriel Mountains

on a hiking trail, overlooking Los Angeles on 26 February 06.

pic 1 pic 2

At Remember-The-Party#4, 9 Oct, 05, San Francisco!

Evan, Johnny CB, CJ, and Richard

Burningman '05 photos of cj are here!

pic 1 With buddy Eric and others
pic 2 with Jimmy and others

Burningman '04 photos of cj

Dancing all night til dawn, to the Breakbeats of Hybrid (UK) and Infinitekaos,
at the Opulent Temple. Taken Thursday morning at dawn at Burningman '04!

(photos courtesy of Opulent Temple)

pic 1
pic 2

BM '99, CJ with '64 bus and friend

Pic 1

Burningman '98 photo of cj

Picture 1 This pic was taken very late Friday night at Burning Man 98,
out on the playa, by a suspected alien from another timezone,
WITHOUT a flash!

Assorted other pix

Cactus pic Here with my 28 year old pet Magic Cactus, June 97.
This shot also taken without the use of flash OR camera.

work pic CJ outside of work in Cupertino on 10 April '04 being more or less normal.

Morroco, 1983 Me in July '83, age 34, in Fez, Morroco

old old pic Me in June '67 at the tender age of 18, in a suit. Not normal!