To Yak Karka and the trekking path.

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We decided to trek cross-country, to meet up with the trekking trail above Manang, rather than going back.
There was sufficient talk of a bridge over the river somewhere, and that it
was in good repair, so we forged our trail.

Picture 1 Looking back on the return path from Tilicho Lake back thru the valley
as we head out to Yak Karka, on the main trail. We went cross-country this
day, following a goat trail, sometimes coming upon an actual path

Picture 2 Chris's new friend, the yak

Picture 3 another shot of yak

Picture 4 an abandoned settlement on this lonely ridge.

Picture 5 a view down the valley before heading north to pick up the trail

Picture 6 final look back towards Manang with the zoom lens

Picture 7 Final look back through the regular lens.

Picture 8 Hours later, our porter leads us to the bridge! In the middle of nowhere!

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