Special detour to Tilicho Lake Base Camp, at 4600 m. elevation.

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Picture 1 leaving the Lakshmi Lodge in Kungsar, early morning, towards the Tilicho Lake
Base Camp, taking the high trail. The high trail took us up to over 15000 feet,
and then drops 800 meters (2700 feet) to the Base Camp lodge, in one sharp
descent which took 45 minutes. Shot of the descent coming up.

Picture 2

Picture 3 settlement along the way

Picture 4 the path we returned by (faint line going horizontally across lower portion
of the picture from right to middle, crossing the bare slopes and through
the dark rocks, then disappearing around the ridge).
The high path we are taking is not in view.
The white ridge in the background is the Great Barrier.

Picture 5 looking back towards Kungsar, showing the path we walked.

Picture 6 The path we are taking is the faint yellow line across the top of the small brown ridge to the
left of the small snow peak at the right side of the picture

Picture 7 The peak at the end of the uphill path. I climbed up the extra 30 feet to the
flag pole; chris refused to! The views were awesome.

Picture 8 some shots from the end of the path at the edge of the descent.

Picture 9 another shot looking down one side.

Picture 10 our porter hugs the ground for warmth, as we get ready to descend 2700 feet
in one quick steep jump.

Picture 11 Looking down the descent as our porter strikes on ahead. The Base Camp is
barely visible at the center of the shot

Picture 12 CJ and Chris, experienced climbers, pose at the edge before descending

Picture 13 The descent, from base camp

Picture 14 chris plays cricket with one of the kids working at the lodge.

Picture 15 sun sets over the ridge, from base camp

Picture 16 more sunset

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