Annapurna trek Day 5

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Picture 1

Picture 2 lots of mountains in view now, as we decided to put in the extra effort to
climb the 1500 feet to and walk the high trail from Pisang to Manang.

Picture 3 chris poses bofore this large weed at 14,000 feet elevation, at a rest
stop on the high trail.

Picture 4 CJ pretends to eat the weed, at 14,000 feet

Picture 5 Looking down and back from where we slept the night before

Picture 6 the trail winds on...all day.

Picture 7 the view all day

Picture 8

Picture 9 we meet our first yak

Picture 10 we walk under a Tibetan chorten, entranceway to the next town

Picture 11 looking up the valley in the direction we are headed , towards Manang.

Picture 12 The two travelers, photographed by a French trekker.

Picture 13 part of the trail - yup, that's it ahead there!

Picture 14 a Tibetan mani rock - along the path. The trail up here is an old trading
route, and still in use by locals.

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17 an entrance to another Tibetan settlement, consisting of a rock wall
piled with mani stones, with mantras carved into them. They are all
very old, and very real.

Picture 18 Mani stones, close up

Picture 19 more Mani stones

Picture 20 coming up to a settlement on the path

Picture 21

Picture 22 the trail flattens as we head up towards Manang

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