Annapurna trek, Day 1

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Picture 1 CJ and our porter on the bridge at the beginning of the Annapurna Circuit,
180 miles of walking around the Annapurna range. The trail begins here, just
outside of the town of Besi Sahar, Nepal.

Picture 2 The beginning of the trail is like this, as we begin the long walk up through
this valley, following the river to one of its sources, about 50 miles away.

Picture 3

Picture 4 a small settlement along the trail

Picture 5 waterfalls along the way, as the valley narrows

Picture 6 waterfalls along the way, as the valley narrows

Picture 7 We pull over and wait as one of many mule trains plods through, going
down from where we came.

Picture 8 Our first peek at snow covered mountains comes into view.

Picture 9

Picture 10 Chris, looking good at a late afternoon rest stop

Picture 11 CJ, looking a bit worn at the late afternoon rest stop.

Picture 12 Gettin up there, on our first day...

Picture 13 the view back down the valley from the first days guest house.

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