Mysore, India, Feb 2000

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Picture 1 The Mysore Palace

Picture 2 Front view of the palace

Picture 3 close up view of the palace

Picture 4 An ancient Hindu temple within the palace complex

Picture 5 Fine details of this temple

Picture 6 Uh oh!!! Palace temple monkeys!

Picture 7 The monkeys are wreaking havoc! They unscrew the electric light
bulbs and throw them at the ground!!!

Picture 8 Yup! Chris at the palace

Picture 9 The two travelers playing in the mirror on the palace wall....

Picture 10 One of the palace gates - classic Indian architecture

Picture 11 back at the hotel...

Picture 12 I wonder sometimes...

Picture 13 At the Mysore market

Picture 14 The colorful powders are water based poster paints; don't know
their purpose.

Picture 15 bananas for sale

Picture 16 flowers for sale

Picture 17 lots of vegetables

Picture 18 nuts and tobacco

Picture 19 more stuff for sale

Picture 20 tomatoes for sale

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