Munnar, India, Feb 2001

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Tea estates at 4500 feet elevation.

Picture 1 Market scene in Munnar, Feb 2001

Picture 2 Flowers for sale at the Munnar market

Picture 3 CJ bargains professionally for fruit

Picture 4 Our first walk through the tea estates

Picture 5 Chris contemplating the great weather up here in the mountains

Picture 6 the view as we begin our walk through a huge tea estate

Picture 7 further along as we smell the scent of fresh tea

Picture 8 tea plants close up

Picture 9 acres of tea!

Picture 10 miles of tea!

Picture 11 tea forever! and the smell is awesome!

Picture 12 After an hour, we came upon a settlement of worker families,
a holiday dinner was in progress.

Picture 13 We were sat down and fed, then comes the pictures!

Picture 14 the final group shot - all the men - Indian style

Picture 15 Daisy the cow comes to visit me and Chris at
the guest house where we stayed in Munnar

Picture 16 Daisy poses carefully for CJ

Picture 17 Chris, relaxing at our guest house

Picture 17A Chris, relaxing on the roof of our guest house

Picture 18 Playing an Indian board game with our host and other guests

Picture 19 On our second walk, we entered a cardomom plantation

Picture 20 close up of cardomom pods and flowers at the base of
the ten foot tall plants.

Picture 21 Dr. Chris examines the cardomom flowers and pods.

Picture 22 Laundry dries in the sun as we walk through the cardomom
plantation into the tea estate.

Picture 23 Walking after several hours, we came upon this snake
in a gully running through the tea plants. It was probably
a cobra, as they are common in the area.

Picture 24 The snake is about six feet long in all

Picture 25 Some estate workers insist on the mandatory photo with
the tourists.

Picture 26 Walking into a tea workers settlement, we found ourselves
in a schoolyard. CJ speaks with the kids.

Picture 27 While Chris takes pics...

Picture 28 A large waterfall on the estate runs under a bridge.

Picture 29 Another waterfall in the distance

Picture 30 The distant waterfall shrinks as we climb out of the estate

Picture 31 We take a pic of ourselves on the road out of the estate.

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