Lumbini, Nepal - birthplace of the Buddha, early Dec, 2000

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Picture 1 A view in the Sacred Garden, Lumbini, Nepal
This park is on the grounds where the Buddha was born.
The Ashok pillar, erected about 3CE, marks the spot.

Picture 2 Tibetan prayer flags fly over the pool.

Picture 3 Chris walks around the pool

Picture 4 Chris, gazing at the Pillar

Picture 5 CJ chats with some Nepalese girls under the Bodhi tree

Picture 6 the Ashok Pillar, erected around 3CE

Picture 7 Chris lights incense at the Pillar

Picture 8 A beautiful lotus grows in a pool in Lumbini

Picture 9 A sign relates the early Chinese explorer's notes
on visiting Lumbini, hundreds of years ago.

Picture 10 the entranceway to the Chinese Buddhist Temple at Lumbini

Picture 11 Chinese temple in the complex

Picture 12 a shrine in one of the Chinese buildings here

Picture 13 The eternally burning flame here in Lumbini

Picture 14 CJ, as we walk to the various temples in the Lumbini

Picture 15 The entranceway to the Burmese temple

Picture 16 Stupa at the Burmese Temple

Picture 17 Two young pilgrims at the Shri Lanka temple

Picture 18 Chris kneels at an altar in one of the temples

Picture 19 head of the Buddha image here

Picture 20 The Thai Buddhist Monastary here in Lumbini

Picture 21 The temple at the Thai Monastary

Picture 22 the shrine inside the Thai temple

Picture 24 A resident Thai monk instructs students here at the monastary

Picture 25 Another temple here in the temple area

Picture 26 Young Nepali soldiers insist on a shot with CJ

Picture 27 The soon-to-be-huge Japanese Buddhist temple,
75 feet tall, under construction here in Dec 2000.

Picture 28 Chris likes cows.

Picture 29 our travel 'altar' of trinkets from our journey.

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