Koh Wai, Thailand, April 2001

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Picture 1 the beach at Ko Wai, showing both sections. We eventually got
to stay on the small far beach to the right - really quiet!

Picture 2 Looking down the beach towards the boat dock

Picture 3 the larger section, with some huts showing

Picture 4 sunny day out!

Picture 5 musical camera time on the deck of the hut

Picture 6 Chris on the deck

Picture 7 relaxing...

Picture 8 A short walk on a trail through the jungle takes you,
over to the deserted other side of the island.

Picture 10 the dense jungle of the island

Picture 9 a large spider in the jungle

Picture 10 A strange tree with large wierd red fruits.

Picture 11 the large red fruits of this tree.

Picture 12 CJ's birthday!

Picture 13 CJ's birthday present, made from island stuff, by the
two friendly Italian girls we met on Ko Chang, who
joined us here later.

Picture 14 Chris relaxes in the 85 degree warm ocean

Picture 15 Having fun yet, Chris?

Picture 16 Sunset over Koh Wai

Picture 17 Still sunset...

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