Koh Chang, Thailand, April, 2001

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Picture 1 Chris in the tent that we actually slept together in

Picture 2 Chris takes our bags, one at a time, about 5 miles
down the road to our new lodging at the fishing village
of Bang Bao, at the southern tip of Koh Chang, where we
found a tiny and beautiful guest house run by a Laotian
woman and her brother.

Picture 3 Our gracious hosts there

Picture 4 Chris at the counter in the lodge, practicing hotel

Picture 5 the view across the bay from the lodge

Picture 6 a view down the bay from the lodge

Picture 7 CJ hangs out with the other guests on the rear deck

Picture 8 boats from the rear deck

Picture 9 Chris in the morning

Picture 10 Chris in the morning

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