Kapilavastu, Nepal, early Dec 2000

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Kapilavastu, Nepal, is where the Buddha lived his early life.

Picture 1 sign describing Kapilavastu

Picture 2 assorted ruins here

Picture 3 a flower placed here by a pilgrim

Picture 4 and more ruins...

Picture 5 Sign describes the West Gate of the palace.

Picture 6 the West Gate ruins

Picture 7 close up picture of the West Gate

Picture 8 A sign describing the East Gate of the palace

Picture 9 East Gate ruins

Picture 10 more East Gate ruins

Picture 11 Further along, about 1/2 mile from palace ruins,
we came upon an ancient stupa, about 1500 yrs old,
and some new friends, who invited us home. .

Picture 12 We became instant celebrities, and everyone
turns out for pictures.

Picture 13 Even the grandfather of the family.

Picture 14 their land behind the house

Picture 15 Another shot of palace ruins on the way back.

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