Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, May, 2001

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Picture 1 Looking downstream on the Kwai river from our raft house

Picture 2 upstream view from the bridge.

Picture 3 CJ at breakfast looking ready to ride 80 miles on his first
solo motorcycle trip.

Picture 4 On our second day, we rented motorcycles and drove 40 miles to
Erawan National Park to see the famous seven waterfalls. This
is one of them. They are not large, but they are very beautiful,
and they are set in a lush, tropical jungle. It is about a 500 foot
climb from the bottom falls to the top one, each one has a pool of
cool water to swim in.

Picture 5 More waterfalls in a lush setting

Picture 6 Chris finds the spot!

Picture 7 The falls fall over limestone cliffs, which are formed from
the minerals in the water

Picture 8 CJ takes a liking to the refreshing water.

Picture 9 Fascinating!

Picture 10 Suddenly, Chris shouts " Look!" This giant 7 foot lizard is
swimming towards Chris!

Picture 11 We thought it was an alligator at first, but it was a relatively
harmless monitor lizard. It sunned itself briefly on this rock,
then left.

Picture 12 Chris wastes no time at the upper falls. Eventually CJ
jumps in also.

Picture 20 CJ looks windswept after his first solo motorcycle ride

Picture 21 The war cemetery and memorial from the World War Two drama
which took place here.

Picture 22 CJ contemplates the young dead, and life.

Picture 23 A decorative panel at the cemetery.

Picture 24 The next day, we traveled again by motorcycle to another
national park, where we took a guided tour of a large
limestone cave. CJ gets ready for the descent.

Picture 25 A cave shot. The water is actively dripping and forming the
stalagmites and whatevers at the rate of an inch every fifty years

Picture 26 more cave

Picture 31 We came upon this as we walked to the cave. It's a full
eight inches long, and dangerous!

Picture 32 We came upon this group of blue and yellow butterflies dancing
around a spot on the ground on our walk to the cave.

Picture 33 Walking to the cave, through bamboo forest, we also encountered
this beautiful six foot green tree snake moving through the bamboo.

Picture 27 The famous bridge.

Picture 28 track view of the bridge

Picture 29 peacocks in a cage in town

Picture 30 Cat butt at breakfast!

Picture 35 Having fun in Thailand

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