Pictures from Hampi, INDIA

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Picture 1 street scene at Hampi, Feb 2001

Picture 2 Another street scene in Hampi, Feb 2001

Picture 3 Rice fields outside of Hampi, Feb 2001

Picture 4 An ancient temple ruin in Hampi

Picture 5 An interesting carving on a temple column

Picture 6 Another interesting carving on a column

Picture 7 Chris in the morning, Hampi, Feb 2001

Picture 8 Walking tour, one morning through the ruins East
of Hampi.

Picture 9 Among the ruins

Picture 10 Among the ruins

Picture 11 among the ruins

Picture 12 among the ruins

Picture 13 among the ruins

Picture 14 among the ruins

Picture 15 among the ruins

Picture 16 Several beautiful red and green parrots join us

Picture 17 Another picture of a parrot.

Picture 18 Hampi monkeys in the morning

Picture 19 A free-standing arch over a thousand years old.

Picture 20 An interesting trick with a horse

Picture 21 Chris sitting atop a ruin.

Picture 22 Chris standing where he was previously sitting.

Picture 23 CJ takes a break in the shade of a conveniently placed ruin.

Picture 24 An interesting carving on a column

Picture 25 Another interesting carving, at least chris thuoght so!

Picture 26 A sample of the rock piles which surround Hampi for miles

Picture 27 A pic of Hampi from a distance.

Picture 28 a view thru several doorways

Picture 29 another thru-view

Picture 30 Many, many columns under the main temple in Hampi

Picture 31 a free-standing temple, over 1000 years old

Picture 32 another interesting carving

Picture 33 Early one morning.

Picture 34 the underground temple, from outside, about 1500 years old.

Picture 35 in the underground temple...the lower 12 inches
are under water, which means we had to wade in
here to take these pix.

Picture 36 another view in the underground temple

Picture 37 a bull, carved from stone, guards the inner

Picture 38 A beautiful and ancient temple complex;
This is the outer building

Picture 39 a walking tour of this temple complex...

Picture 40 walking tour...

Picture 41 walking tour...

Picture 42 walking tour...

Picture 43 walking tour...

Picture 44 walking tour

Picture 45 walking tour

Picture 46 walking tour

Picture 47 walking tour

Picture 48 walking tour

Picture 49 A sign describes this ancient bathing pool

Picture 50 bathing pool view

Picture 51 bathing pool hallway

Picture 52 bathing pool hallway ceiling shot

Picture 54 a very large Shiva Lingum, built into
this square chamber...still in use as a
religious shrine.

Picture 55 another view of the Shiva Lingum within the chamber

Picture 56 a sign describing the following statue

Picture 57 very large Lakshmi statue, over one thousand years old, stands about 20 feet tall.

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