Ellora Caves

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Picture 1 One of about thirty temple/caves carved into this hill
over 1000 years ago.

Picture 2 Details at the entrance to one of the temples

Picture 3 another temple entranceway

Picture 4 more outside views along these temples

Picture 5 two temples from outside

Picture 6 Chris takes refuge in the Buddha's lap

Picture 7 CJ does likewise!

Picture 8 A large Buddhist temple, carved completely into the cave.
Includes walking space around the Buddha image, as well as
intricate detailing around the upper borders and arches.
This work was completed at least 899 years ago.

Picture 9 Chris pops a headstand in front of the Buddha!

Picture 10 A longshot along the front of one of the temples

Picture 11 Buddhas carved into the wall.

Picture 12 a beautiful Buddha image within a small chamber in
the Buddha temple

Picture 13 A large stone bull carved in the cave temple

Picture 14 a large lotus flower carved into the roof of
this temple

Picture 15 the entranceway of this temple

Picture 16 A longshot through the front of one of the larger temples

Picture 17 This is the front of the largest single rock carving
in the world. This main temple took 115 years to

Picture 18 a view down the right side of the main temple

Picture 19 a view down the left side

Picture 20 a tiny sample of the intricate detailing along the walls

Picture 21 a view near the front

Picture 22 this view taken up on the surrounding hillside

Picture 23 a ground-level detail shot

Picture 24 a view from the upper right

Picture 25 Inside the entrance of another cave temple

Picture 26 one of the more elaborately decorated temple/cave entranceways

Picture 27 outside shot of one of the smaller temples in the hills

Picture 28 along the front of one of the two-level temple/caves

Picture 29 Beautiful statues in the Hindu tradition

Picture 30 an example of a temple carved away from the surrounding hillside

Picture 31 closeup of a temple in the same complex as the last picture

Picture 32 another shot of the entranceway of one of the larger temples

Picture 33 scenes carved into the walls from lives of the gods

Picture 34 a beautiful detail on a wall

Picture 35 more gods on the wall.

Picture 36 and still more wall-mounted gods.

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