Pictures from Dharamsala, India, during March 2001

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Some shots from our hotel with the view, and pix of CJ and Chris

Picture 0 The Green Hotel

Picture 1 The railing in front of our room at the Green Hotel

Picture 2 A cloudy day

Picture 3 A sunset view of the valley beyond

Picture 4 our room for the month of March

Picture 5 chris clowning around one afternoon

Picture 6 chris continues to clown around

Picture 7 and more...

Picture 8 and more...

Picture 9 Suddenly, a noise outside! Chris checks...

Picture 10 It's monkeys!!!

Picture 11 Monkeys grabbing the trash!

Picture 12 Monkeys all over!

Picture 13 Chris has an idea! He'll defend us with
his umbrella!

Picture 14 Chris is successful - the monkeys flee!

Picture 15 all clear!

Picture 16 CJ checks it all out.

Picture 17 some nice Canadians we met and hung out with there

Picture 18 Chris tries on all his malas

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