Cochin, India, Feb 2001

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Picture 1 A street scene in the spice market area of Cochin

Picture 2 Another street scene in Cochin

Picture 3 A spice seller in Cochin

Picture 4 A store selling large religious objects

Picture 5 A typically decorated Indian truck

Picture 6 The front of another truck

Picture 7 Chris catches CJ sitting down as
we take a break for a Coke in a tiny
tea shop

Picture 8 One of many canals running through Cochin

Picture 9 The interior of the oldest synagogue in India

Picture 10 The rear of the synagogue

Picture 11 The eternally burning flame in this synagogue

Picture 12 The floor of the synagogue is tiled with
these tiles, from China; all of them are different.

Picture 13 A chinese fishing net used in Cochin

Picture 14 Several other chinese fishing nets off
the coast of Cochin

Picture 15 An old church in Cochin

Picture 16 The interior of the church

Picture 17 Our 'altar' of trinkets collected in our travels
as it was in Cochin

Picture 18 Chris sits in front of our favorite cafe in Cochin

Picture 19 CJ sitting at our favorite cafe in Cochin

Picture 20 Another old church in Cochin

Picture 21 The interior of the church

Picture 22 Morning Glories in Cochin

Picture 23 School kids waving at us

Picture 24 A schoolyard wall sign near our hotel

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