Chiang Mai, Thailand, May 2001

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Picture 1 The most beautiful Wat (temple) we saw in Chiang Mai,
it has meticulously carved teakwood doors and window
covers, two separate Buddha images, both uncommonly
beautiful, and loads of dragons outside protecting it
from evil spirits. Pictures below!

Picture 2 Two sets of dragons protect each staircase

Picture 3 Chris protects the dragon

Picture 4 Top of the stairs looking down

Picture 5 More dragons on the stairs!

Picture 6 Yet more dragons!

Picture 7 The ceiling of the stairway just outside the
entrance to the temple

Picture 8 The gold plated (most Buddhas in Thailand are gold plated) Buddha image inside

Picture 9 Another view of the gold Buddha

Picture 10 The additional white Buddha inside

Picture 11 a beautiful Buddha image at the entrance

Picture 12 the entranceway

Picture 13 A hand-sculptured teakwood window cover

Picture 14 A hand-sculptured teakwood window cover

Picture 15 A hand-sculptured teakwood window cover

Picture 15a side view of this wat

Picture 16 An old stupa in the temple complex with a newer Buddha image

Picture 17 The wat on the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai

Picture 18 A line of Buddhas and donation bowls at the Wat.

Picture 19 a small bellhouse in the wat complex

Picture 20 a gold-plated Buddha and a matching mural

Picture 21 another mural depicting a scene in the life of the Buddha

Picture 22 another mural depicting a scene in the life of the Buddha

Picture 23 a Buddha in the side of another building in the complex

Picture 24 An old Buddhist stupa, or monument, at a
temple in a peaceful wooded area outside Chiang Mai.

Picture 25 A huge turtle, over two feet long, in the small
lake by the temple in the woods. We waited forever
for it to emerge further, but no luck! We were lucky
to photo its head.

Picture 26 Large incredibly fragrant blooms on a tree by the temple

Picture 27 An old five-headed dragon guards the temple

Picture 28 A beautiful statue of Buddhadasa Bhikku, one of the most
highly regarded meditation teachers in the Thai Buddhist tradition

Picture 29 A very old large stupa behind one of the larger wats (temples)
in Chiang Mai.

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