Bodh Gaya, India, late Dec 2000 through January 2001

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Picture 1 The MahaBodhi Temple, erected next to the Bodhi
tree, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment
over 2500 years ago. This is the holiest site in the
Buddhist tradition, and pilgrims come from all over the
world. The temple has been renovated many times over the
last thousand years.

Picture 2 The temple grounds at night, lit by tens of thousands of candles
and oil lamps.

Picture 3 Another night view

Picture 4 the temple by day, with thousands of visiting Tibetan monks chanting
near the Bodhi tree. We were here during the January Holy days,
and the rich, deep chanting could be heard all day, accompanied
by drums, horns, and bells.

Picture 5 Monks and other pilgrims perform the 'preliminary prostrations'
on the grounds of the temple, which are part of the initiation
into TIbetan monastic life.

Picture 6 at the foot of the Bodhi Tree, next to the MahaBodhi Temple.
Pilgrims bring flower garlands and incense, and other gifts to
this spot.

Picture 7 another view of the foot of the Tree

Picture 8 This view from just outside the enclosed area around the base of the tree.

Picture 9 A pair of representative footprints of the Buddha, just outside
the area of the Bodhi Tree.

Picture 10 The interior of the Cafe OM, a Tibetan- owned restaurant
catering to Western pilgrims and visitors. Great Tibetan
hospitality and food.

Picture 11 Chris and Olly, our Australian buddy that we met here.

Picture 12 The Buddha image inside the Bhutanese Monastary here,
where CJ stayed for part of his month here in Bodh Gaya.

Picture 13 a view of a wall decor
inside the Bhutanese Temple, depicting
the life of the Buddha

Picture 14 Another section of wall relief decor, showing scenes from the
life of the Buddha

Picture 15 The exterior of the temple at the Bhutanese Monastary, where
CJ lived for several weeks.

Picture 16 The new Japanese Buddhist shrine, dedicated in 1986, here in Bodh Gaya. The
Buddha is about 75 feet tall

Picture 17 A closer view

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