fuel line routing on the 67 deluxe

showing the tank line, fuel cutoff valve, electronic fuel pump, and line to carb.

Tank line (double-walled neoprene fuel line, ID=1/4") emerges through 1/2" hole drilled into firewall, just under left side of fuel tank, and goes to inline fuel cutoff valve (thin gold segment), then another section of fuel line up to input of Facet #574 electronic fuel pump (square object mounted on short red vertical strut).

VW-type webbed fuel line from output of pump goes down to plastic fuel line filter (you can just see a bit of it behind red triangle brace). Line then continues up from left, over to where carburator will be when engine is reinstalled. Other lines hanging are electronic ignition wiring coming from inside bus in spare- tire well, where the ignition module lives. Engine was out in July 02 for top-end rebuild and can be seen in lower left foreground.

Difficult to notice in this pic, both upper engine mounting bolts are glued in place using 3M #80001 yellow weather- strip cement. Glued-in bolts come out with a sharp tap when tranny or starter needs to come out, but stay in there to make engine pulls easy and fast. Threaded insert on later cases has been punched out. For more info on this, click here to see my How To page on gluing in engine bolts to make life a lot easier.

VW-type fuel line segments are replaced every year, regardless! Tank-line segment will last at least a decade. Facet pump has gone ten years so far, no problems.

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