Koinonea's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, 1998

On Saturday evening, 21 November 1998, the Bay Area psy-trance
collective, Koinonea, celebrated its 2nd year of creating parties
for the trance community.

Over 400 guests joined together in an all-night celebration
of community and spirit, as we danced til morning in a huge space
in Berkeley, California.

The evening opened with a guided meditation by Richard Powers,
accompanied by live didgeridoo. A drumming circle
followed, leading into an inspiring vocal performance
by Galaxy, backed instrumentally by Rob Rayle on keyboards.
Rob's DJ set followed, beginning what evolved into a
joyous experience for all present.

Koinonea DJs gather backstage before the opening ceremony.

Many beautiful and inspiring altars helped to create a sense
of spirituality and purpose.

DJ Rob pauses for a photo during his set.

DJ Tom casts the Goa trance spell late into the night.

A fire dancer lights up the rear dance floor.

Guests created their own fluoro artwork throughout the night

The large Ambient/Chill room, decorated by Randy
(Dionysus Dreams), Dreamspell, and others, was a whole
party in itself, as DJs, including DJ Dags, wove beatless
ambient and mellow trance into long dreamy sets.

DJ Lorin continues the long journey towards the morning light...

Morning arrives at 2012 - '98...

Tired and joyful, we form a circle for the closing ceremony.

"...this celebration shows us what we can do when we join together,
that we cannot do alone." - Rob Rayle


photos by Volo,
website, text, and photo post-production by cjay

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